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Shadows House Episode 3: Into the Creepy/Horror Side

Shadows House episode 3 was released on Saturday, and the thing that has been kind of subtle so far has now made an entrance – the creepy/horror side of it. It has been hinted since start that the Shadows family somehow mind controls humans into thinking they’re “dolls” (remembering the beginning of episode 1), but the first 2 episodes were mostly quiet. This week, episode 3 started with Emilico meeting Mia, and the girl acting completely normal. She explained the previous situation was because she was just showing her Shadow’s emotions. The two made up and Emilico was about to keep learning how to be a good doll, but then things got complicated. For the first time in Shadows House, we saw an emergency sound off.

Emilico had just spoken the name of the Grandfather-sama character who seems to have absolute authority and controls everything. Although that didn’t seemingly have anything to do with the alarm, and it was actually soot collecting and gaining the ability to move on its own – became a phantom. They dispersed to take care of it, and the most creepy part happened when Rosemary jumped to protect Emilico. The soot attached itself to her head, and fused with it to create a spider-like head and started moving around.

I thought the girl was gone, but there was still hope and they came to looking for water to save her. Lou hitting her body instead of the soot was pretty weird, though I guess it made more sense to her. The creepy fusion creature was about to hang Rosemary, but then Emilico remembered that vases have water in them [since she always spills them] and saved the day. Well, it still seemed pretty eerie as the girl seemed mindless, but the first-aid team was on it and managed to bring her back to sanity. Takeaway being to drink plenty of water! When Emilico went to Kate, she was blamed for not returning her soot doll. Kate didn’t believe it moved on its own, but it was proven to be her ability, which isn’t something that she was aware about. It will be interesting to learn more, especially as her “debut” gets closer and more about the Shadows House family is revealed.

You can watch episode 3 on Funimation, and the fourth episode comes out on May 1, titled “Watchers in the Night”. The anime will have 13 episodes, and it’s still easy to catch up on this, and the creepy/horror part’s just started! Oh, and its opening and ending are both great, with the ED by ReoNa already having over a million and a half views on YouTube!

All images via Funimation

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