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Magical Girl Risuka Novel Is Getting Manga Adaptation

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If you can’t get enough of Nisio Isin’s Bakemonogatari manga adaptation by Oh! Great, then you’re in for a treat! That’s because Nisio Isin’s Magical Girl Risuka novel series is getting a manga adaptation too!

It was announced that Nao Emoto the artist behind, O Maidens in Your Savage Season, and Josee, the Tiger and the Fish. Will adapt Nisio Isin’s Magical Girl Risuka novel series. Bessatsu Shonen Magazine will begin its monthly serialization on April 9, 2021. Also, the last and final volume for the novel will be released this December 9, 2020.

Magical Girl Risuka Manga Sneak Peek

In addition, the creator of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima. Also drawn a scene from this exact series that you can see on Nisio Isin’s twitter.

Since Bessatsu is part of Kodansha which has several international bestsellers like Attack on Titan, we might get an official English release! Also, not just that, with the announcement of Nisio Isin’s Bishounen Tanteidan novel series getting an anime for 2021 and several anime adaptations of his works for the past few years. We might (hopefully) get an anime adaptation for his Magical Girl series, we already have an upcoming manga adaptation. So why not?

Source: Nisio Isin Info, Nao Emoto Twitter
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