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Manga Artist Chiba Tetsuya Is Hospitalized

Manga artist Chiba Tetsuya, known for boxing theme manga Ashita no Joe, has been hospitalized due to health problems. He updated his blog, Guzutetsu Nikki, on Ameba on November 3 and revealed his current status with photos.

The blog article says he has been ill since summer, and currently has problems with his heart valve, coronary artery, and throat. Due to that, he has been in hospital in Tokyo for a few days.

He also expressed his thought below a photo showing him lying on the hospital bed.

I’m sorry for causing troubles to everyone, but I’m planning to have [them] cured completely, become younger, and make a comeback.

Chiba Tetsuya
Ashita no Joe Volume 7 cover

He also continues to say thanks to his fans.

Thank you always for supporting this blog. (…) Everyone, take care of yourself, too~

Chiba Testuya

Even though he is fighting his own problems, he will keep updating the blog with the help of his son and wife, the article says.

Hajime no Ippo‘s author Morikawa Joji quoted the blog and sent a take care message to him on Twitter.

I do hope you get well soon.

Morikawa Joji

Manga Artist Chiba Tetsuya

The manga artist Chiba Tetsuya and Takamori Asao were running Ashita no Joe in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine from 1967 to 1973. The series has a total of 20 volumes and exceeded 25 million circulating copies.

Chiba Tetsuya is the current chairman of the Japan Cartoonists Association, and Morikawa Joji is one of Managing Directors.

Source: Official Blog


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