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Tokyo Revengers Parody Manga "Todai Revengers" Begins

Delinquent-themed manga Tokyo Revengers is popular enough to receive a parody work. On November 3, 2021, Shinpei Funatsu‘s Todai Revengers began in Kodansha’s manga service Magazinepocket (Magapoke).

As a manga artist, Shinpei Funatsu was working on The Kindaichi Case Files’ spin-off Hannin-tachi no Jikenbo in Magapoke from 2017 to 2020. The series has a total of 10 volumes.

This time, it’s not a spin-off, but a total parody that received an “acceptance” from the original manga author Wakui Ken. Tokyo Revengers has been available in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Here is the first page of the Todai Revengers (Todai is an acronym of Tokyo Daigaku (University)).

Todai Revengers Page 1

You can see how the original Tokyo Revengers manga starts below:

Tokyo Revengers Page 1

You can compare the two-page spreads next. Todai Revengers notes “Special Thanks: Wakui Ken Tokyo Revengers” at the bottom left.

Todai Revengers
Tokyo Revengers

It might be interesting to read through the parody and compare it with the original. The first chapter “recreates” Tokyo Revengers style well.

Tokyo Revengers official Twitter account also introduced the manga.

Oh……? It seems a manga with a similar title started in Magapoke……🤔 I hope you check it out 😁

Todai Revengers

Magapoke describes the plot on the website as:

Ichou Michitake knew on TV that his fellow student Hayase Yuki he had been in love with during his Todai period got married. He lives in an old apartment with thin walls, and the staff at the workplace of his part-time job treats him silly. One day when he spends time in that doomed life, he finds himself time leaped to 7 years ago, around the time he becomes a Todai student!! In order to save Yuuki (?), in order to alter his life he had been running away, good for nothing part-timer Michitake will aim for the top of Tokyo University?! Now, the first “Tokyo Revengers” official parody gag story in Japan begins!!


Source: Official Website, Official Website

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