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Mars Red Episode 1: The Vampire Actress

The first episode of the Mars Red anime series officially broadcasted on March 29, 2021. It is titled “Dawn” wherein the main character of the series was introduced. Right from the beginning of the episode, you could tell how well written the story is.

I’d say Mars Red will provide us a luscious storyline, well it’s actually about vampires. Nonetheless, Mars Red is truly worth to watch so why not give it a shot?

The Vampire Actress

The episode first started with an actress dramatically playing a script. You’ll also see a black mark visible on the actress’s tongue, and that’s when you’ll realize she was a vampire. The vampire actress, more known as Misaki, suffered a near-fatal accident during a play but mysteriously recovered within four hours.

Protagonist’s Spotlight

The protagonist of the series, Major Yoshinobu Maeda, arrived at the Tokyo station. Moriyama, a soldier of the Special Forces Unit 6 brought Major Maeda to Tsukishima Island. Maeda then tried to interrogate Misaki, the vampire actress but failed to acquire results. Misaki was classified as a vampire with an extremely rare specimen of the highest rank. It is likely that a vampire ranked even higher bit her.

The Vampire Actor

Maeda then went to the Imperial Theatre in an attempt to gather information regarding Misaki’s case. Inside the theatre, he meets Defrott, a stage actor who gives off this weird, vampiric aura. I mean, just look at him and you can easily tell that he’s a vampire! But that doesn’t mean he’s actually a bad guy.


Moriyama suddenly alerted Maeda that Misaki escaped from the confinement room. Soldiers tried to repel her but they were unsuccessful. What’s more, is that none of the soldiers were severely injured. Afterward, Maeda went to the station in an attempt to constrain Misaki.

She dramatically played the final part of her script and properly introduced herself. She also told Maeda that she wanted to meet him for such a long time. Misaki then suddenly stood directly from the sunlight, where she was burnt alive.

So what are your thoughts about Mars Red? Personally, it gives a pretty solid and dramatic plot wherein the tides may turn as the story progresses. You can also read more anime & manga news here!

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