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McDonald’s Japan Features Ado and Asmi in Latest Campaign

Japanese singers Ado and asmi are a part of the new advertisement for McDonald’s Japan. The advertisement comes in the form of a 3D animated music video, and it includes a song by Ado and asmi. The song is called “‘Tirori Mix” and is a mashup of Ado’s “Odo” and asmi’s “PAKU”, accompanied by the beeping sound of the fast food chain’s fryer machines. Japanese music producers Giga and TeddyLoid aided in the music mixing process.

The music video featuring Ado and asmi for McDonald’s Japan

Takumi Shiga directed the music video, with Yusuke Koyanagi and Sakura Hotta serving as art directors. Keisuke Iida and Yuki Kubo serve as the campaign’s creative directors.

Odo by Ado
PAKU by asmi

Ado rose to prominence following the release of her debut single “Usseewa” in 2020. Some of her other singles include “Gira Gira,” “Readymade,” “Yoru no Pierrot” and “Aitakute.” She signed with the American music label Geffen Records in October 2022.

Ado also provided the singing voice for Uta in the One Piece Film: Red anime movie, including for the theme song “New Genesis.” Ado also sang other songs in the movie including “Watashi wa saikou” featuring Mrs. Green Apple, “Gyakko” featuring Vaundy, “Utakata Lullaby” featuring FAKE TYPE, “Sekai no Tsuzuki” featuring Yuta Orisaka, “Tot Musica” featuring Hiroyuki Sawano, and “Kaze no Yukue” featuring Motohiro Hata.

Meanwhile, asmi debuted with her single titled “osanpo” in 2019. She released her first album bond in September 2020, followed by her extended playlist (EP) release titled humming on June 2021. She is also a featured artist on the “Aiwanamchu” song alongside MAISONdes. The song is the newest opening song for the Urusei Yatsura reboot series, which entered a new cour earlier this year.

Source: McDonald’s Japan YouTube

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