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MF Ghost Anime Set for 2023 Release, Teaser Revealed

MF Ghost, Initial D successor, is getting an anime adaptation in 2023. A teaser trailer was revealed, along with a key visual. There is still no information about the studio or staff.

MF Ghost anime teaser trailer

The trailer features the protagonist, Kanata Rivington’s car: a Toyota 86, as well as rival cars Alpine A110S and Nissan GT-R. The official website states that real car sounds were used in the teaser and will also be recorded for the upcoming anime.

The visual is similar to the teaser trailer:

MF Ghost manga, written and illustrated by Shuichi Shigeno (the author of Initial D), started serializing in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine in September 2017 and currently has over 135 chapters. The story takes place after Initial D and focuses on the future in which electric cars became an everyday sight. Kanata Livington returns from England, after graduating from a racing school. His goal is to fulfill a certain purpose through racing.

Shigeno’s Initial D manga ran from 1995 to 2013 and ended after 719 chapters, collected into 48 volumes. The manga got an anime adaptation by Gallop and Studio Comet in 1998. Since then franchise spawned multiple TV anime adaptations, movies, OVAs and a live-action movie adaptation.

Source: MF Ghost Website

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