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Mieruko-chan Finale: Miko Moves Forward

Mieruko-chan anime’s finale hit really hard, especially when we go to see Miko’s character development. Miko just freed Zen Toono from the shackles of her mom and his regrets. However, it seems there’s a price to pay because she used all of her opportunities to be saved by shrine spirits.

Warning: This Section Might Contain Spoilers.

We knew something would go down when the final episode didn’t play the opening song. Hana and Yuria join Miko at the hospital to see Zen Toono, and Yuria talks things out with Miko because of the misunderstanding from episode 10. They were also able to witness the purification of the spirits around Zen Toono, which happened after his mother left them.

Purification of the spirits around Zen Toono

This scene really made it look like Miko and Yuria were the only ones who saw this, which is very accurate since Hana doesn’t have the ability to see spirits. Miko and Yuria were the only ones who made facial expressions when it happened. However, the reason why they were purified is yet to be answered. The possible answers are maybe it’s because Zen’s mother finally left them, or because of Hana’s aura. Though for me, neither of those is the answer. I personally think that it was because Zen has finally forgiven himself. He is now free of regrets, that’s why the bad spirits haunting him are finally happy.

What Is the Deal With the Shrine Spirits?

Mieruko-chan anime may have ended, but there were questions that still need answers. First of all, why did the shrine spirits decide to help her? It was also not clear if their intentions with Miko are good or bad. It is true that their appearance is lighter than the other grotesque spirits, but they also don’t look like the good ghosts, like cats from episode 2 or Miko’s father. Their aura is color gold, while the aforementioned good ghosts have it white. The shrine spirits also decided that they will help Miko three times, but why only three times? If they want to help her, why not make it unlimited? Is three a significant number to them? Moreover, did they want something from Miko? They appeared in her dreams and it looks like they are angry, despite the fact that Miko offered something.

Shrine sports, angrily staring at Miko inside her dream

In the dream, tons of grotesque-looking ghosts also appeared, trying to corner Miko. Before the ending of Mieruko-chan finale, the shrine spirits also appeared in real life, angrily looking at Miko’s back.

If you want to know the answer to these questions, then you have to read the original manga, since there is still no announcement about season 2 of the anime. However, it is not guaranteed that you will find all of the answers there, since it only has 38 chapters, and the anime adapted chapters 1-23 of the manga.

Miko’s Character Development

After having a really bad nightmare, Miko woke up and had a heartfelt monologue. She did this in episode 8 of the anime, but she failed to end it with a good conclusion of what she should do. This time, Miko decided that she will now face her situation head-on. Repeating the events of episode 1 at the end was nice, and helped us look at how much Miko’s grown.

The appearance of the first-ever ghost Miko encountered

As Miko moves on with her friends, we are left with many unanswered questions. The godmother made an appearance in this episode and it seems that she was worried because of the events. Is she highly involved in the next arc after the ending of the anime?

Mieruko-chan is now streaming on Funimation in full.


A normal girl was living a normal life until she wasn’t.
One day, she could see…everything. What’s a girl to do when hideous monsters appear no matter which way she turns?
And on top of that, nobody else can see them! Obviously, there’s only one thing that makes sense-ignore them.
Kinda hard to put theory into practice, though, when the ghosts know she’s watching…

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Screenshots via Funimation

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