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takt op. Destiny Finale Explained: The End of the Beginning

takt op. Destiny (pronounced “takt opus“) gracefully closes its curtains with a bittersweet finale. The MAPPA x Madhouse production was a very anticipated anime this season that was praised for its stunning art and animation. Although it had some weak moments, fans still came along to celebrate its unique flair for epic battles, elegant music, and nostalgic writing altogether. If you didn’t notice it already, takt op. Destiny was a prequel all along! That’s right — it’s only the end of the beginning. In this episode 12, Takt and Destiny enter the final battle. Can they keep their promise to Anna?

To understand the anime, you have to first know that the title is actually a mixed-media project currently made of two parts — an anime and a mobile game. They have been teased together for months now and it’s a lot to be excited about. Honestly, though, I couldn’t help but wonder about some differences between them. If you’re curious about how they connect to takt op Destiny‘s finale, I encourage you to read on. Heavy spoilers below!

What Happened to the Bad Guys?

One of the main parts of takt op. Destiny episode 12 was the Destiny VS Orpheus battle. The sequence was incredible and it amuses me that it ends with a classic fistfight – just raw power and emotions. It’s in this moment that I appreciate Destiny’s character growth – from being robot-like to being the empathic and brave girl she is now.  Even though Hell and Heaven are seasoned Musicarts, Destiny overpowers Orpheus in terms of heart and spirit — “I won’t give up on what I want to save…I want to protect the path he’s advancing on and keep walking with him. The future I want to achieve is the world he expects.”

Apparently, Orpheus isn’t really doing this to save the world but actually, to save Maestro Sagan from his insanity. I know they’re villains but this honestly, made me hate the girls less. However, they’re still Lenny’s murderers and for that, I am more than satisfied to see them defeated in battle.

Ultimately, it’s all Sagan’s fault. He’s so messed up in the head that he created a grand plan to have the D2 kill the people off. It’s sickening and crazy! Sagan believes that pain, despair, and death is a noble sacrifice — a twisted meaning of his “beautiful and joyful” music. He’s so devoted to his own cause that he sacrifices his body too. (Thus the awkward suspended and impaled position.)

My comedy has come to an end” You don’t say, huh Sagan? As blunt as he has always been, Takt tells Sagan how much of a drama-queen he has been for overcomplicating his despair. It’s the same quote throughout the show — “Music illuminates hope” and its all about believing in that. Destiny eventually arrives and Takt ends Sagan. The crystals and the D2s collapse as well. In the end, the bad guys were finished off just like that.

What Happened to Destiny?

The final moments between Takt and Destiny were deeply beautiful. The battle had ended and so they were laying side-by-side, tired but appreciative of the music together. Even though their hands weren’t technically touching, it was a sweet scene. The orchestra music is just too pretty. Sadly, it doesn’t last as long as I hoped it would.

When Takt fell asleep, Destiny bids her farewell to him. The scene shifts into a melancholic moment conveying her bittersweet happiness and love for the Maestro. At this point, I realize that she was actually ready for this outcome all along. She’d go above and beyond for her Maestro and his wishes, even though they were both dying. The promise she told Anna was genuine — she was going to bring back Takt no matter what.

For the first and last time, Destiny calls her Maestro by his name, kisses him, and says “I love you.” If you’re like me when I was watching takt op. Destiny episode 12, I honestly couldn’t help but have the feels right then. The kiss was so sincere because we saw how she grew as a character all throughout the show. It’s too bittersweet to see her go… But then in doing so, she actually saves Takt’s life just like she promised. Destiny smiles sweetly before completely vanishing into thin air with only the wind blowing her roses away. In Takt’s dream, we see a final goodbye and gift from Cosette — the remains of their necklace.


“Takt, I love you.”

The art, the music, everything — it all makes for a superb heartfelt scene. This is no doubt the most momentous part of takt op. Destiny‘s finale. It’s most likely that Destiny released herself from the Conductor-Musicart contract and in turn, gave life back to Takt. (Who’s peeling onions for this finale?!)

What Happened to Takt?

The scene following right after shows an unconscious Takt alone on the beach. Charlotte is there, together with an ambulance and a worried Titan. The Symphonica specialist announces that she will do first aid and requests a low-temperature incubator. This implies that Takt proceeds with the planned treatment and that he would sleep until his full recovery.

What Happened to Anna?

Before takt op. Destiny episode 12 ends with its ending theme, (and hurts our feels for one last time again), Anna moves on forward like the strong woman that she is. “Before his treatment ends and he wakes up, I’ll do my best to accomplish a world that allows music to play freely. This is the wish they entrusted me..” She now wears a new haircut, a Symphonica uniform, and most importantly, Cosette and Destiny’s necklace.

I’m sure a lot of the fans find the post-credit scene confusing. Remember when I said that this was a mixed media project? That the anime was actually a prelude to the game? If you didn’t know, the first trailer actually shows a glimpse of an older Maestro Takt and Musicart Destiny. That’s right, their story continues. Sort of.

In the end, the story of the anime extends to the game’s story where Anna Schneider becomes the Musicart, Destiny. This aligns with the fact that Kaede Hondo is Destiny’s voice actor in the game! Honestly, I was so curious (and confused) about this credit before. However, now that it has officially happened, I can’t help but feel both amazed and sad about it.

You see, Destiny was born from Cosette and the necklace. Then, Destiny was exhausted from all of her battles and sacrificed her life (and the remainder of Cosette) for Takt. Now, all that is left of these two girls is the necklace. Anna is our only protagonist left and it’s just natural for her strong character to succeed in their wishes for fulfilling a music-filled world. Anna is not just an ordinary member of Symphonica, but a special Musicart at that! It’s no other than the girl in red, Destiny. This is how the takt op. Destiny finale gracefully fades to black.

takt op. Destiny Finale Marks the Game’s Beginning

All in all, for an anime made for promoting the game, takt op. Destiny’s finale wrapped up pretty nicely as it could have. I honestly had a lot of fun with the road trip and the moments in between. The unique character developments and world-building are enough to get you invested. Even though the plot dragged in the middle, the unraveling of the finale makes it all worth it. One of the highlights of takt op. Destiny is its thoughtful writing around the themes of love, music, and emotions. For example, the epic episode 8 portrayed what it meant to let go of someone. I found that especially moving.

Cosette’s last appearance

takt op. Destiny shines best with its aesthetic visuals, stunning animation, emotional music, and my personal favorite, the beautiful character designs. The voice actors also did a wonderful job. Props to everyone at MAPPA and Madhouse who made this show awesome! This anime may not have been at the top this season, but nevertheless, it has been a delightful watch.

You know, Cosette will always be my best girl, along with Titan too. Destiny’s fascination for sweets is a fond memory. And Lenny will always be… well, best ara ara. Personally, I found Sagan’s antagonist backstory a bit weak. If there was another episode to expand on his character, maybe it would have hit differently. The love triangle (or whatever shape it is was) also ceases to exist, and it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. I guess it’s because the kisses, including the one in the last episode, are all so sweet and from such a heartfelt place. The fact that Takt cannot react to it is also one of the best and bittersweet parts about it.

The necklace connecting everyone

Additionally, you can check out the website to read some of the comics and intermezzo stories/compositions on the website. While there are still a lot of unanswered questions from the anime, I suppose that it will be explained soon in the game. After all, the game trailer shows Anna/Destiny welcoming Takt back home…

Lastly, the original character design, LAM, made an illustration in celebration of the takt op. Destiny finale. It features a lovely smile from both Destiny Musicarts– Cosette and Anna Schneider. Their Twitter also shares a ton of behind-the-scenes from the directors, animators, and voice actors. Check LAM’s illustration below:

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takt op. Destiny is a mixed-media project about classical music by Bandai Namco Arts and DeNA. DeNA China Co., Ltd. is developing the RPG mobile game while MAPPA and Madhouse Studios animated the anime. takt op. Destiny follows the story of how “Musicarts,” fight against the D2 monsters while being led by a “Conductor”. Their goal is to bring music back to their destroyed world. The anime is also available to watch on Crunchyroll, VRV, Ani-one, and Amazon in select regions.

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