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Monogatari Reveals Ogi Oshino Character Trailer

Monogatari has revealed a new character trailer for Ogi Oshino two days ahead of the premiere of Monogatari Series: Off & Monster Season. The new anime will premiere on July 6 with an extended episode. Ogi is voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi in the Japanese version, and you can watch the trailer below.

Monogatari – Ogi Oshino Character Trailer

Previously, HitagiKyoyaSurugaNadekoTsubasaMeme, ShinobuKarenTsukihi, Deishu and Yotsugi got their own trailers. Studio SHAFT is back to animate the latest Monogatari anime, with Akiyuki Shinbo as the chief director and Midori Yoshizawa as director. Shinbo is also in charge of the series composition with Fuyashi Tou, with Akio Watanabe returning as the character designer.

YOASOBI is performing one of the theme songs, while you can hear the opening song in the latest main trailer.

The Off-Season is a collection of side stories focusing on different characters. It consists of four arcs: OrokamonogatariWazamonogatariNademonogatari, and Musubimonogatari. Overall, it is the fourth saga in the novel series.
The Monster Season tells the story of Koyomi Araragi’s university life in six arcs:

  • Shinobumonogatari
  • Yoimonogatari
  • Amarimonogatari 
  • Ougimonogatari
  • Shinomonogatari (two novels)

The prequel film trilogy movies were also recently compiled into one and screened in Japanese theaters as Kizumonogatari: Koyomi Vamp. Crunchyroll will be bringing it to North American and Mexican theaters for a single-day screening on August 28.

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