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Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory Episode 3: Sutea Joins the Fan Service

Episode 3 of the “Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory” anime was really wholesome to watch. Koushi finally continues to go to school. As a result, he reunites with his best friend, Sutea. However, it seems that there’s something wrong when they finally met after a very long time.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

To begin with, Koushi is only doing his normal routine as a dorm mother. Well, of course, he can’t help himself to think of school while doing his job. One morning, while he is in the middle of a commotion between the tenants of the Goddes’ Dorm, Mineru tells him that she and Frey are done organizing the papers Koushi needs to go back to school.

At School

Let’s proceed to the scene where Koushi is finally back in his school. He is really happy that he can finally continue his study. Unfortunately, Sutea kicks his face straight the moment they meet each other. According to her, the fact that Koushi didn’t inform her about his current circumstance really pissed her.


Here, we can see that Sutea was really worried about what happened to Koushi. For me, this is really funny because she suddenly took back what she just said. It seems that the tsundere of this anime is finally here! Thus, it makes me rethink who is my real waifu between Sutea and Atena.

Sutea’s Condition

Because of what happened, Koushi decides that he must tell Sutea everything that has happened to him in the past few weeks. Hours have passed and it’s already their lunch break, Sutea comes out of their room first and Koushi chases her all the way. There, he grabs Sutea’s hand but she gets angrier because of it, telling Koushi to not ever touch her like that again.

Koushi grabs Sutea’s hand

After that, Kyoushi realizes that Sutea has a unique skin condition, and she is very sensitive to heat, to the point that she feels miserable when a warm object touches her skin. To be honest, I’m really curious about this part because I am thinking that maybe Koushi can change Sutea’s situation in the future, like what he did to Atena. Another thing that came into my mind in this scene is “How is she going to provide fan service to Koushi in the future, given her circumstances?”.

The Fan Service

After scolding Koushi, Sutea goes to the rooftop of their school even if it’s hot, just to remember the moment during which she and Koushi became friends. Sutea also realizes that she is only giving Koushi more problems because of what she is doing. While lost in thoughts, a massive amount of sweat is pouring on her face, and Koushi arrives at that moment.

Well, since Sutea is on the verge of collapsing, Koushi moves her to the school clinic. There, he explains to her what really happened in the past few weeks, including the things that happened at the Goddess’ dormitory. Hence, Sutea wants to see the dorm but Koushi refuses. While at it, he accidentally knocks Sutea into the bed, exposing her half-naked body because of various circumstances.

Sutea knocked on the bed

To my surprise, Sutea seduces Koushi, telling him that she wants to be useful to him. Then, she kicks Koushi again and blushes. For those who are not aware, I just want to share that every scene of Sutea in this episode focuses on her underwear below her skirt. After this scene, Koushi agrees to let Sutea visit the Goddess’ dorm. The episode ends with Koushi and Sutea arriving at the dorm, seeing Mineru naked again.

I’m curious about what will happen now that Sutea is finally here. If you also want to know, just stay tune in to the anime, and you can watch it on HIDIVE. Episode 4 will air on August 4, 2021.

Lastly, if episode 3 of “Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory” gave you a new waifu, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

The Synopsis of the story:

12-year-old boy Kōshi Nagumo, who finds himself homeless, penniless, and without relatives to care for him. As he lies on the street, he gets picked up to become the “dorm mother” of a dormitory full of troubled women’s university students.

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