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Mushoku Tensei Episode 21: Dragon God Orsted

Mushoku Tensei Episode 21 came out on Sunday, and the Turning Point 2 finally properly introduced Dragon God Orsted, who we first saw back in episode 8. Back then, it was the first time Mushoku Tensei ranked 1st in our poll, overtaking Attack on Titan: The Final Season for the first time in Winter 2021. If you think it deserves the top spot again, make sure to vote for it!

The episode immediately showed the aftermath of Dead End’s encounter with Orsted. We also saw a large part of it in the trailer they released ahead of the episode. After that, we got the opening of the party traveling before those events. Eris excitedly wanted to hunt Red Dragons. We saw her training with Ruijerd, who said she already has the strength of a ‘full fledged warrior’. After a well-deserved punch to Rudy and making sure she wasn’t dreaming, we saw the trio head to the mountains

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Dragon God Orsted

As they climbed the snowy mountain, we hear some talk about the Seven Great Powers. The number 1 Great Power in Mushoku Tensei is the Technique God, while the number 2 is the Dragon God Orsted. However, Ruijerd says that Orsted could likely beat the Technique God if they fought for real. Shortly after, they encounter him personally. Fear immediately strikes both Ruijerd and Eris, and Ruijerd tells them not to move a muscle. As they pass each other, Orsted calls Ruijerd and Eris by their names, saying he doesn’t recognize Rudeus. A brief exchange happens, and they about to go their separate ways, when Rudeus decides to ask the Dragon God a few things.

*Tsuda Kenjiro voices the Dragon God, and you can see Anime Corner’s feature for the voice actor/character below:

Tsuda Kenjiro – Orsted Feature

The situation is tense all the while, and the climax happens when Rudy happily recognizes the words ‘Man-God’ and triggers Orsted into attacking him. We see that even Ruijerd is no match for the No. 2 Great Power, and he quickly knocks out the party. Although Rudy was practically killed, a mysterious girl says something to Orsted, which causes him to heal him back and he’s gone by the time Rudy wakes up. We later learn that everyone fears Orsted because of a curse, although Rudy isn’t affected since he’s from another world. However, we also saw that the mysterious girl was together with the Dragon God, and she even talked to him casually. It might be a hint that she’s also an isekaid character like Rudy, though it still doesn’t explain why he’d forgive his connection to Man-God. What’s sure is that Rudy shouldn’t trust the shady Man-God.

Mushoku Tensei Episode 22

The next episode of Mushoku Tensei is episode 22 “Dreams and Reality” and it will release on December 12. We likely won’t be seeing the Dragon God Orsted again for a while. Funimation streams the anime.

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