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Osamake Episode 6: The Commercial Competition

Episode 6 of Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose finally premiered and it gave the spotlight to our legendary actor, Sueharu. Sit tight and witness the great actor as he’s back in action!

The Commercial Competition

The head of the acting agency, Shun Hardy, grew angry with Sueharu as he intentionally spilled wine over him at the last episode. Due to this unprofessional action, Shun decided to file a complaint against him and his friends.

But before the tension rises, Momosaka came up with a brilliant idea – a commercial competition. A competition between Shun Hardy’s agency and the Ultramarine Channel – a group formed by Sueharu, Tetsuhiko, Shirokusa, and Kuroha.

And with this competition, we actually saw Sueharu’s professional acting skills! I do admit that he is a professional actor.

Momosaka’s Past

We also get to see Momosaka’s past and how she entered the showbiz industry. It was merely because of their social state back when she was a kid.

She saw her big sister working hard, instead of studying, just for her sake. Fortunately, Momosaka was spotted by a talent agency and that was when she joined the world of acting.

That was also the time she met her idol – Sueharu. He lifted her spirit up and encouraged her to do her best as he saw her talent.

Tetsuhiko’s Revenge

Moreover, we also get to know Tetsuhiko’s plans as to why he decided to come up with the Ultramarine Channel. He was planning to exact revenge on the man who tried recruiting Sueharu but ended wronging and disrespecting Kuroha – Shun Hardy.

As to why Tetsuhiko’s planning such revenge on him, I’ll leave the answer for you to find out.

On the bright side, we actually get to know behind Kuroha’s plans as well! She decided to act as if she suffered a memory loss in order to regain her connection to Sueharu. What’s more, she accidentally mentions a few things from her past that made Sueharu realize that she was acting all along.

A New Schoolmate

With all the commotion that happened throughout the episode, it all leads to one exciting conclusion – a new schoolmate! And guess who decided to personally enter Sueharu’s life – Momosaka!

Momosaka finally transferred to Sueharu’s school in pursuit of him. Now, she’s closer to her senpai than she could ever imagined!

Let’s all witness Sueharu’s school life along with Momosaka and support the series here in our weekly polls!

You can watch Osamake episode 6 on Crunchyroll or Muse Asia on YouTube. Once you’re done watching, you could read more features here.

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