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OTAHOO Project Announces Hiatus, Two Talents Go Independent

OTAHOO Project, a Philippine-based VTuber project, announces that it will be undergoing a hiatus. Following the announcement, two of its VTuber talents–Pan the Bread and Yana Shitachi–are going independent in their VTuber journey.

The rest of OTAHOO Project talents will continue streaming and do VTuber-related activities. These talents will be entering a temporary independent state of VTubing. Said announcement was made during its one-year anniversary of project operations. OTAHOO Project is among many VTuber groups in the Philippines, where it is evident that there is a steady pace of support across this industry.

OTAHOO explained that its announcement was made in order to properly aid and provide for all of its members. In addition, they also noted that the hiatus shall be used to learn how to solve what the project lacks. In addition, they look to how they can potentially collect support to improve the capabilities of the group.

“Taking into consideration the number of talents we have, the quality of [work] they keep putting out, and the departments we still need to fill, we have decided to temporarily stop Otahoo Project’s activities from today onwards. We are aware that today is our anniversary, and that this is not the typical news released when celebrating something this big.”

OTAHOO Project, Moving Forward

They have also clarified that their talent manager, Reiji Hideo, had discussed this with the outgoing talents. OTAHOO Project assured fans that the talents’ journey with them is ending on a good note.

“Both talents have been with us for a long time, Yana being one of the pioneers of her generation and Pan being the best bread anyone would ever have.”

They have also thanked the fans for supporting them during the past year. They added that they had talents come and go before they completed Generation One. This is in addition to their last VTuber for their second line-up that is yet to debut.

“Our talents have grown so much ever since, and will only continue upwards from here. There [are] not enough words to describe how grateful we are for them, as well as the personnel who volunteered to help and to those who have been here from the start. The same goes to the VTubers we have collaborated with. To the groups and companies we’ve exchanged with. To the staff-sans and manager-sans that handled events with us.”

Just recently, the project engaged in a massive VTuber collaboration, where they hosted ‘Larong Pusit’, a Minecraft adaptation of the hit South Korean series ‘Squid Game’. Prior to their departure, more than 73,000 viewers subscribe to Pan’s YouTube channel. Yana on the other hand has more than 1,100 subscribers on the same platform.

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