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Platinum End Episode 23 - A God Is Chosen

Platinum End episode 23 has some big and shocking moments. The journey of the God candidates winds down, with a God finally being chosen among them. Let’s talk about what went down in the show’s penultimate episode in a spoiler-filled discussion!

Nasse gets demoted…

Platinum End episode 23 picks up immediately where the last episode left off, with a white arrow hurtling toward Mirai. Ready to face it, he’s surprised when Nasse suddenly plucks him from where he stands, saving him from the arrow.

Suddenly, Nasse freezes up, and a dark orb of energy surrounds her. Half of her body turns into stone as she reveals that she is now demoted. From a special rank angel, she becomes a second rank for interfering with her candidate in the race to become God. The consequences of that are dire, as Mirai loses his white arrow, as well as his wings, meaning that he has no way to avoid Yoneda’s attacks.

Nasse gets demoted after saving Mirai’s life.

This is certainly the most dire moment that Mirai faces in the show thus far. At this point, he’s truly helpless, with both his life and Saki’s life in the balance. At this moment, the tides need to shift in a massive way for our heroes to stand any chance of coming out of this in one piece. Lucky for them, the stars align for them in another way…

…and then she gets promoted

Through exploiting Nakaumi’s feelings about killing people who want to live, Saki and friends find a way to get out of Yoneda’s trap. Temari even manages to get the slip on Yoneda, who finds a way to get behind him, wielding the white arrow he lent to Nakaumi, and fires it.

Yoneda doesn’t see it coming at all, and would have had no shot at dodging the attack. However, in a surprising sequence of events, Nasse saves Yoneda from the attack. This gets her promoted back to the special rank angel she used to be.

Nasse gets promoted after saving Yoneda’s life.

This causes a shift in Yoneda’s perspective. He realizes that he’s a coward who’s never truly understood people and their feelings. In this moment, he abandons his mission to prevent the creation of God, and begins to walk away. It’s a very sudden turn of events that doesn’t quite make total sense. The changes here feel very abrupt, and kinda feels like the show is rushing toward some conclusion through some unnatural turn of events.

The new God

Platinum End episode 23 sees a new God appointed. With Yoneda no longer against the idea of a new God, the candidates agree to make Nakaumi take up the throne in the heavens. He asks them if they would like to keep their memories of the candidate selection process, where all but Temari choose to do so. With a new God selected, everyone involved goes home, and all seems resolved.

Nakaumi takes the place of God.

However, we know that that’s not it. In the heavens, Nakaumi grows concerned, as he realizes the “creature” is taking over. With one more episode to go for the show, it’s exciting to see how this tale will wrap up. It’s been quite the journey and it will be interesting to see how it ends.

Platinum End is streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Episode 24 will air on March 25th, 2022.
© Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata/Shueisha, Platinum End Production Committee

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