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Platinum End Episode 21 - Drastic Measures

Platinum End episode 21 sees the tension reach a boiling point, with things set to explode from this point on. The conflict between Mirai and Yoneda is about to tip over as it begins to become clear that their viewpoints won’t ever align. Let’s talk about what went down in this episode in a spoiler-filled discussion.

Red arrows everywhere

Platinum End episode 21 sees both sides of the God candidate conflict fire red arrows everywhere. Mirai uses it on his police officer friends to give them wings in order to participate in the confrontation with Yoneda. Elsewhere, Yoneda and Nakaumi use red arrows on a variety of people. Yoneda uses a few on important people in the Japanese government in order to manipulate the goings-on in the country. Meanwhile, some red arrows are used on a number of suicidal people, which reveals new information to Yoneda.

Yoneda uses the power of the red arrow.

This aspect of the episode was a bit disappointing, in the regard that the mystery of who struck Hoshi with a red arrow turned out to be such a moot point. In the previous episode, it was presented with an air of eerie mystery. That this is the result of it makes it feel like the show kinda wasted a bit of its viewers’ time.

Another thing about this is that it sort of trivializes the power the red arrows have. That they’re used this frequently and seemingly for any slight desire the candidates would want makes them feel less like this amazing power, and more like a convenient side perk. Either way, these issues are just a small contrivance in an otherwise solid episode.

The candidates must die

In Platinum End episode 21, Yoneda is able to bring the candidates together in a secure location. He reveals to everyone that his plan is to cause the deaths of all the God candidates so that there is no God to be chosen from. His plan involves killing Temari, Mirai, and Saki first. Afterward, Nakaumi and Yoneda will use white arrows on each other in order for both to die simultaneously.

Now, there are some flaws to this plan of course. Yoneda notes this too. In his previous tests with the suicidal individuals, he found that there’s as much as a 0.15-millisecond delay that could throw the entire plan into failure. However, the issues with this plan aren’t really the point of this moment. The point of this moment is to firmly place Yoneda in direct opposition with Mirai.

Yoneda’s plan is firmly in place.

Thus far, Yoneda and Mirai have come to blows through their words, trying to find some compromise in their ideals. Yoneda’s actions here are a declaration that a compromise is no longer an option. His actions signify a declaration to Mirai that the time for words is over, and it’s now time to take action. Suddenly, Mirai is thrust into a do-or-die situation, and all the tension that’s been built up over this second cour of Platinum End is about to explode in a thrilling fashion.

Yoneda must die

All the patient waiting is now done, and Platinum End is finally going to get into the meat of its story. With the conflict between Mirai and Yoneda completely set up, Mirai resolves to have to kill Yoneda in a moment that feels weighty and dramatic. Whatever big battle the two will have in the later episodes has been set up quite well, and the show definitely earned whatever big moment it has coming. If you’ve stuck around for this long, next week is surely the moment that your faith will pay off big time. There’s much to look forward to in the next episode for sure, as this climactic conflict comes to a head.

It’s do or die for Mirai.

Platinum End is streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Episode 22 will air on March 11th, 2022.
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