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Prepare for 3 Major Anime Fights This Week

We are now in week 9 of the Winter 2022 anime season, with exciting climaxes, final battles, and conclusive finales coming our way. This week brings 3 major anime fights, all of which fans have been anticipating for as long as several years. We’ll look into battles from the following shows and how they built up last week:

  • Hajime vs Noin – Arifureta Season 2
  • Bojji vs Boss – Ranking of Kings
  • Mirai vs Dr. Yoneda – Platinum End

Hajime vs Noin

Episode 1 of Arifureta Season 2 hooked us into the conflict with a foreshadow of Hajime preparing to shoot his enemy, the angel-looking creature. Seven episodes later, the angel reveals herself as Noint, one of god’s apostles. She fails at a swift attempt to kill Hajime before declaring him as an “Irregular” and unwanted piece of the god Ehit’s board – in other words, a vital assassination target. And as expected, our protagonist is not afraid to accept the challenge. The hype generated from this episode lifted Arifureta Season 2 up 3 places in our rankings last week, and we are expecting even more excitement after the battle unfolds in episode 9 this week. Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 10!

Hajime ready to fight Noint

Bojji vs Bosse

WIT Studio’s Ranking of Kings has certainly been a rollercoaster since the very first episode and even now, King Bosse’s true intentions remain a mystery. It was previously revealed that he had a traumatizing, gruesome past and that he was actually filled with joy upon both his son’s births. In terms of the present, however, the father shows no sympathy towards them at all until the end of episode 20 last week.

Bosse attacking Bojji

While in Daida’s body, Bosse brutally slams Bojji in a one-sided battle. He then uses much of his energy to heal him and all his comrades back to perfect health. It is unclear why Bosse helps them because he is fully prepared to take on his son again by the end of the episode. After mentally and physically preparing to fight his dad throughout most of the second half of the anime, and at times being hesitant to do so, Bojji finally appears ready. With the Ranking of Kings anime ending soon, this is one of the most anticipated battles of the season and another reason you should remember to watch it on Thursday, March 10.

Bojji and Bosse preparing for a fight

Mirai vs Dr. Yoneda

This major Platinum End battle is also airing on – you guessed it – Thursday, March 10. It will feature a fight between the brilliant and stubborn Dr. Yoneda and Mirai Kakehashi in particular, as he is the only one with a fatal white arrow out of the surviving God candidates. Up until episode 20 last week, our strictly moral protagonist refused to kill any person no matter who they were or what extreme crimes they committed – to the point some fans found it frustrating at times. At the end of the recent episode, however, Mirai finally declares that if the professor is unwilling to allow a democratic vote for the next God, he will indeed kill him. We already know that Dr. Yoneda has no plans of supporting a vote and in fact plans to assassinate all of the candidates. This week we’ll get to witness this epic showdown and find out who gets to survive and who fails at achieving their goal.

Yoneda planning his fight against the God candidates

As we approach the end of the season, many shows are nearing final battles, and this Thursday, in particular, will be packed with 3 highly-anticipated Winter 2022 anime fights. Do you have a particular favorite? You can vote for your favorite episodes of the week on the AnimeCorner polls.

Featured image:
© Ryo Shirakome, OVERLAP / ARIFURETA Project
© Sousuke TOKA, KADOKAWA / Ranking of Kings animation film partners
© Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata / Shueisha, Platinum End Production Committee

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