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Princess Connect Season 2 Episode 3: Another World?

Princess Connect season 2 episode 3 introduced us to yet another guild with characters that surely are very unique. On top of that, the lonely elf Aoi also returns in this episode. Although, unlike the previous episode where it was centered around Karyl, this time around it was solely focused on the new character Yuni and her thoughts and hypotheses about the inherent misconceptions that lurk in the world they live upon. Spoilers ahead!

Best Friends Club

Before the banger opening sequence began, Yuni woke up and declared that the world is still ambiguous as ever. Now, of course, this would let everyone wonder what did she meant by that, and fortunately, we get to know more later on in the episode. The first scene already gave an overview of how deep the episode is going to become. But before all of that, we have first to meet the new characters from the new guild, the best friends club.

The best friends club consists of three members: Yuni, Chieru, and Chloe who are all studying at St. Theresa Girls Academy. Since the said academy is a prestigious school for rich girls, which unfortunately the best friends club members aren’t, they all grouped together to aim for a scholarship to continue their studies. In the episode, the guild seeks help from Aoi and the gourmet guild to investigate the mysterious scary forest behind their school to ensure the safety of the students who tread the route to the academy and to further provide more information for Yuni’s research.

What Lies in the Forest

After the best friends club explained the situation to Yuuki, Kokkoro, and Aoi, it’s now time to find out what mystery lies inside the forest. While walking through the forest, they stumbled upon a strange graveyard. Despite Aoi knowing the forest, it was bizarre for her to see it the first time, and the place engraved on the gravestone was unheard of. As they keep roaming, they keep encountering the same graveyard again, which gave the group a creepy vibe. Speculating that they were lost, Yuni talks to her stone Rosetta to ask about their current location. Rosetta then starts talking weird and scary which leads the group running for their lives and ending up finding the “Green Guardians” which hilariously are just made up scarecrow-like figures that Aoi made to talk to. Embarrassed by the situation, Aoi snapped everyone’s neck to calm them down. This silly turn of events isn’t the main highlight of the episode though as in between, something really odd and unusual happened.

A Tragic Story That Pivots the Series

After discovering who is behind the “Green Guardians” that lurked in the forest, the episode becomes more peculiar. As Aoi faints due to an ambush by a skeleton army, the scene glitches out and all of a sudden Pecorine, Yuuki, and Yuni are transported to another world. The episode didn’t really explain much how they were magically teleported to that place and had to fight a bunch of skeletons. What the episode did show though was a tragic story that happened in that world. Pecorine, understanding the circumstances now, makes a drastic move and fills the missing piece that the skeleton king was longing for.

Princess Connect Season 2 episode 3 was again another emotional ride. From the disturbing investigation of the forest to the humorous outcome with a tragic story in between, the series just keeps on delivering quality storytelling. The episode can also be an outset of the lack of world-building the series has provided thus far. After all, we still barely know the world where Yuuki fell into and the world he was originally from. Who knows how many worlds or realms are out there or if all of this is just a fundamental falsehood that lurks in their world which is what Yuni is researching about. And speaking of Yuni, despite her thesis being rejected, she learned a lot in her recent experience and almost uncovers the truth that lies in the world. Moreover, her character is really appealing to me because even though she unravels the truth about the world, she kept silent and moves forward. Whatever secrets she may have discovered, I just hope she’ll become one of the catalysts for unveiling the deceptions of the world when the time comes.

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