Home Recap: MAPPA Stage 2023 - All Anime Announcements

Recap: MAPPA Stage 2023 - All Anime Announcements

MAPPA Stage 2023 is now behind us. We followed the 8-hour event and compiled a list of information about all of the stages that took place today. The announcements did not disappoint and even the lack of some highly-anticipated news (like Chainaw Man Season 2) couldn’t spoil the mood. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the highlights!

MAPPA Stage 2023 – Visual

Hell’s Paradise

Although many fans speculated about Hell’s Paradise announcements at the MAPPA Stage 2023, the panel went pretty uneventfully. Yumiri Hanamori, Ryohei Kimura, Rie Takahashi and Chikahiro Kobayashi attended.

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

The Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill panel also went without major announcements. However, fans were able to witness Yuma Uchida’s cooking skills: he “prepared” beef stew with “wyvern meat” from the anime live during the event. Satoshi Hino, Hina Kino, and Maaya Uchida also attended and got to taste the stew, alongside the presenter, Seitaro Mukai.

©Ren Eguchi, Overlap/MAPPA/Tondemo Skill

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan fans were in for a special treat: Romi Park, Yui Ishikawa, and Yuki Kaji started off the panel with a live reading of the most impactful scenes from the previous installment of the anime. Romi Park, who voices Hange, talked about her role and even got emotional at one point. Yuichiro Hayashi, the director of Attack on Titan Final Season, also joined them. A new key visual was unveiled – Hayashi stated that it is probably the last one that the anime will have.

© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/”ATTACK ON TITAN” The Final Season Production Committee

Vinland Saga

Yuto Uemura (Thorfinn) and Shunsuke Takeuchi (Einar) joined Shuhei Yabuta (director) and Hiroya Hasegawa (producer) on stage. They talked about the currently airing season and the most impactful moments so far. A new trailer was also unveiled – it was accidentally posted by MAPPA’s Twitter before the official announcement at MAPPA Stage 2023 arena.

© Makoto Yukimura, Kodansha/VINLAND SAGA SEASON 2 Project

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man fans had high hopes for MAPPA Stage 2023. However, the second season was not announced. The main cast, Kikunosuke Toya (Denji), Shogo Sakata (Aki), and Ai Fairouz (Power), talked about their favorite moments from the anime. Tomori Kusunoki, who voices Makima, was also supposed to take part but had to cancel due to health reasons. The highlight of the stage was the giant Pochita:

©Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha, MAPPA

Jujutsu Kaisen

The new trailer for Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 came as no surprise since it was announced a few weeks ago – it still managed to impress the fans. Junya Enoki, Yuma Uchida, Asami Seto and Megumi Ogata attended the event.

©Gege Akutami/Shueisha/JUJUTSU KAISEN Project

The Mourning Children: Nagiko and the Girls Wearing Tsurubami Black

The Mourning Children: Nagiko and the Girls Wearing Tsurubami Black is the title of Sunao Katabuchi’s upcoming movie. Studio Contrail will be animating it. Teaser visual is now available:

© The Mourning Children Production Committee/ KUROBURUE

Alice to Therese no Maboroshi Koujou

The long-awaited information about Mari Okada’s Alice to Therese no Maboroshi Koujou movie is here. We got to see the teaser trailer and a visual. The movie will premiere this September 15.

©Maboroshi Project


Bucchigiri?! was the only new anime announcement at MAPPA Stage 2023. Hiroko Utsumi will be directing the original anime project, which will follow the story of two friends who reunite and end up involved in a power struggle.

© Bucchigiri?! Production Committee

And that’s it for this year’s MAPPA Stage! You can follow us on Twitter, where we do live coverage of these events. Until next time!

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