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Redo of Healer Episode 4: Setsuna's Tragic Past

Episode 4 of Redo of Healer explored the past of Keyatu’s party new member, Setsuna. She was introduced one week ago when Episode 3 of the show aired. She’s an Ice Wolf Warrior who hates humans due to her tragic past. Episode 4 of Redo of Healer premiered on February 3, 2021. As always, beware of spoilers!

Members of Setsuna’s tribe were taken as slaves and were abused by humans only to be sold later. Keyaru bought Setsuna and healed her so she could join his party. From what we know, Setsuna reached her “cap” and that kept her from getting stronger, though thanks to Keyaru and his ability, her power managed to grow tremendously. He also promises her that she’ll be able to avenge members of her tribe.

As promised, Keyaru together with Freya and Setsuna go help the Ice Wolf tribe as humans are trying to get more slaves from their clan. Then we can see a fight scene where Keyaru, Setsuna, and Freya obliterate the enemy as they save Ice Wolf clan members. After that, Setsuna tells Keyaru her true name. That means she’ll give him her whole life. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Redo of Healer episode without any censored intercourse scenes, and in this episode, we had 2 of those (both of them featured Setsuna).

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