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Last Dungeon Episode 5 Shows Riho's Past

Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town? (Man is that a mouthful, let’s try and shorten that). So, Last Dungeon Episode 5 premiered on February 1, 2021, and we finally got some backstory on Riho Flavin. One of the key girls surrounding Lloyd, Rhio, gave the explanation behind her metal arm, and my best girl Phyllo also makes her appearance. As usual, the visuals were very good, and the comedy was fantastic. Beware of spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t watched already, then go and see it!

Lloyd begins the episode doing as he always does, pulling off amazing feats with ease. After “a trash picking up errand” involving him pulling the fabled Holy Sword from stone, he returns to life at school. As such, we begin training for our Interschool Match, because what world with a magic academy doesn’t have one. Lloyd impresses of course, but his power is a wee bit too destructive for his peers, so he has to sit out. Meanwhile, Miss Marie finds herself at odds with Mena Quinone and her sister Phyllo, 2 students from the Rival academy who have come to interrogate her for information on Riho. Lloyd returns home to accidentally interrupt, and Phyllo sensing his tremendous power attacks immediately, but barely fazes Lloyd. Shocked, she becomes enamored and asks Lloyd if she can be his apprentice.

Meanwhile, Riho has become quiet, avoiding Lloyd and her friends since being confronted by the Headmaster of the rival school, Rol. Worried about her, Lloyd questions Miss. Marie on how to cheer someone up. Of course, thinking it’s about her, Marie suggests asking the worried girl on a date. Lloyd of course obliges, asking Riho out for a One on One, and after convincing her how much he cares, Riho reveals to Lloyd her relationship to the Headmaster.

Riho actually grew up in an orphanage with Rol and looked up to her as a Sister. Because of her disability, she couldn’t help much, until Rol returned one day with a mithril metal arm. Riho is super excited as she thinks she can finally help her big sister and the orphanage. It’s revealed however that Rol did it so Riho could use the magical properties of the mithril arm to obtain the fabled Holy Sword. The cost of using the power would kill Riho, and stunned she ran away. Rol has been placing false warrants on Riho over the years, hence her infamy around the town.

This episode showed a surprisingly darker side of the adventure-comedy, and I’ve been really impressed with storytelling so far. Every episode showcases a deeper story, and we get more and more information about all the characters. The storytelling and animation have only gotten better so far. I’m very excited about what can happen next week, as we find out more.

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Screenshots courtesy of the Funimation Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town? Episode 5 stream.

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