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Sanrio and MetaZoo Games Are Partnering to Make Trading Cards

Sanrio, the brand best known for Hello Kitty as well as character brands like Kuromi, My Melody, and Cinnamoroll, is partnering with game startup MetaZoo Games. The two are launching a first-of-its-kind trading card game making use of MetaZoo’s premiere trading card game, MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation, to create a truly interactive experience.

The introductory set is called Kuromi’s Cryptid Carnival and will feature more than 100 unique cards. Players will accompany longtime favorite Sanrio characters on a journey through a Kuromi-inspired carnival that appeared seemingly from nothing. During the game, players will come across MetaZoo Cryptid creatures, learn more about cryptids write large, and benefit from the universes crossing over. Even more, MetaZoo has some special, interactive, “4th wall” effects that allow players to interact with their environment in order to bolster their cards and enhance the gameplay experience. MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is a Cryptid-themed TCG for 2-6 where players assume the roles of Casters. Each deck represents a Spellbook from which one can cast Spells, summon Artifacts, and form Contracts with Cryptids for battle.

“Our partnership with Sanrio will open the door and expose a new audience of young girls and women into the trading card community,” said Andy Mourat, president of MetaZoo Games LLC. “This new collection has been a labor of love for our female artists, bringing forward an interactive world that girls will love and is unlike anything that has ever been experienced before in the trading card category.” 

Each booster box contains a total of 36 booster packs with 12 cards per pack, totaling 432 cute cards per box. In addition, fans and players can buy individual packs with Sanrio promo cards, a single booster pack, and a themed metal coin. These cards first debuted at New York Comic Con at a Kuromi carnival-themed booth that let fans enter the carnival in real life and experience some fantastic art in the process. Those at the convention were able to pre-order the cards but anyone is able to pre-order the set online.

The set is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, November 15, 2023. Kuromi’s Cryptid Carnival booster boxes ($140) and the blister packs ($5) will be available on MetaZoo’s website. For in-person purchases, you can visit Walmart, Hot Topic, Claire’s, and other major retailers and local trading card stores.

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