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Fragaria Memories Introduces Four More Fragaria Knights

Fragaria Memories, Sanrio’s first humanoid project, has released official visuals and information for four new Fragaria Knights. One of the Knights is from the Red Bouquet section, making him the sixth and final Red Bouquet Fragaria Knight, while the other three are part of the Blue Bouquet Knights. The Red Bouquet Knight was introduced on October 6, while the other three Blue Bouquet Knights were revealed on October 9, 10, and 11. The release of the three Blue Bouquet Knights came after the announcement that Fragaria Memories will post information and visuals for five Blue Bouquet Knights on October 8. Fragaria Memories posted the official visuals and information on the official X (formerly known as Twitter) account.

Sanah is a Fragraia Knight with a warm personality from the Red Bouquet Knights. He is easy-going, has a positive mindset, is sincere, and is not afraid to approach people he meets for the first time. Sanah loves nature but dislikes to confront negative things head-on. He is Usahana’s knight and spends time with her often. His illustrator is Tsubasa Yamaguchi and is voiced by Shugo Nakamura (Ryouta Miyagi from The First Slam Dunk Movie).

Kurode is a Fragaria Knight from the Blue Bouquet. He is a serious person but is blunt and hard-working. He is the younger brother of the strongest knight in Fragaria’s world but always feels inferior to his brother. Due to his inferiority complex, he ran away from home, was picked up by Kuromi, and became her knight. Akakura was in charge of his illustration and is voiced by Shogo Sakata (Aki Hayakawa from Chainsaw Man).

Willmesh is a mysterious Blue Bouquet Fragaria Knight that serves Wish Me Mell. He is shy and doesn’t talk much. He can grasp the essence of things but can’t communicate well due to his personality. He and Cielomort are childhood friends. His illustrator is Ebira and he is voiced by Shouya Chiba (Sigma from Bungou Stray Dogs). 

Klarkstella is the youngest of the Blue Bouquet Twin Knights. He guides people with the power of astrology. Klarkstella is friendly and cool towards everyone around him but is honest with his brother and Little Twin Stars. He cares deeply about his older brother and would do anything to protect him. While he and his twin are Little Twin Stars’s knights, Klarkstella is Kiki’s Fragaria knight. Ugonba is in charge of his illustration while the character is voiced by Eiji Mikami.

Fragaria Memories is Sanrio’s first humanoid project was announced on September 26. It is a multimedia project that takes place in a fantasy world where fairies live alongside the Kingdom of Strawberries, Hello Kitty, and her friends. It focuses on the Fragaria Knights and their chivalry. In response to Hello Kitty’s wish, the knights rose to protect their lords and Kingdoms from an evil force called SEED. Last week, Fragaria Memories revealed five Fragaria Knights from the Red Bouquet, including Sanah, and is expected to show two more knights from the Blue Bouquet by the end of this week.

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