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Sanrio Reveals 3 Red Bouquet Knights for Fragaria Memories Project

Sanrio‘s first humanoid project, Fragaria Memories, has revealed three more new Fragaria knights for their Red Bouquet section. The three new Fragaria Knights are all members of the Red Bouquet. The Fragaria Memories’ official X (formerly Twitter) account released the official visuals alongside each of the characters’ illustrators and voice actors.

Merold is described as an intelligent Fragaria Knight who goes at his own pace. He serves My Melody as her knight. He has the ability to manipulate people’s feelings and is known as the “strongest knight” on the continent. He loves his younger brother in his way but never shows his feelings in front of him. His illustrator is Akakura and is voiced by Yu Hayashi (Michizo Tachihara from Bungou Stray Dogs).

Puruth is described as a Fragaria Knight who serves Pom Pom Pudding. He has a compassionate, insightful, and friendly personality. Although he serves Pom Pom Pudding as his knight, he treats him more like a friend. He is known as the older brother type of the group and is good at observing people. He loves poetry and travel and doesn’t like being tied down to anything. Tsubata Nozaki is in charge of his illustration, while the character is voiced by Takuma Terashima (Desir Arman from A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special).

Romarriche is described as a soft-spoken and elegant Fragaria Knight. He is generous, patient, and good at supporting those around him. He serves Maroon Cream as her knight. He enjoys sewing and baking sweets that Maroon taught him. Don’t let his homely personality deceive you, for he is a strong knight. His illustrator is TCB and is voiced by Shunichi Toki (Freminet from Genshin Impact, Kazutora from Tokyo Revengers).

According to the official X (formerly Twitter) account, they will be releasing the members of the Red Bouquet starting from October 1. Based on how the recent three Fragaria Knights were released, we can expect Sanrio to reveal the final two Red Bouquet Knights by the end of this week.

Fragaria Memories is Sanrio‘s first humanoid multimedia project that was announced on September 26. The project takes place in a fantasy world called Fragaria World where fairies live alongside the Kingdom of Strawberries, Hello Kitty, and her friends. One day, Fragaria’s world is being threatened by an evil force. In response to Hello Kitty’s wish, the Fragaria Knights rose to protect their lords and the kingdoms from the evil force called SEED.

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