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Fragaria Memories Introduces Red Bouquet Knights in First Music Video

Fragaria Memories, Sanrio’s humanoid project, has released the first music video on its official YouTube channel. The song is called “Ever Red” and it is sung by the Fragaira Knights in the Red Bouquet. The Red Bouquet Knights are as follows:

  • Gakuto Kajiwara as Hallritt (Hello Kitty’s knight)
  • Yu Hayashi as Merold (My Melody’s knight)
  • Takuma Terashima as Puruth (Pom Pom Pudding’s knight)
  • Shunichi Toki as Romarriche (Marron Cream’s knight)
  • Saku Hyuga as Rimicha (Kirimi-chan’s knight)
  • Shugo Nakamura as Sanah (Usahana’s knight)

The lyrics and composition for the song were created by SEM, the song arrangement was done by Toshihiro, and the movie was created by Yksb with Shibusan Creative in charge of the music video’s production. The music video was first announced during the stage event at this year’s Animate Girl Festival in Ikebukuro. Based on this announcement, we can expect Fragaria Memories to release music videos for the Blue and Noir Fragaria Knights as well.

“Ever Red” sung by Fragaria Red Bouquet Knights

Fragaria Memories has also announced its upcoming projects for the year 2024, which include a 3DCG live concert, a stage play, merchandise of all the Fragaria Knights, and a voice drama. The voice drama is set to release in 2024 on their official YouTube channel. There will be three different types of stories in voice dramas: red, blue, and noir. More information on the voice dramas and other announcements will be released in the upcoming months.

Fragaria Memories is Sanrio’s first humanoid project which was announced in September. It is a multimedia project that takes place in a fantasy world where fairies live alongside the Kingdom of Strawberries, Hello Kitty, and her friends. Throughout October, Fragaria Memories information and official visuals of their 18 Fragaria Knights from three different sections: Red, Blue, and Noir. In Fragaria Memories, the Fragaria Knights rose in response to Hello Kitty’s wish to protect their lords and land from an evil force called SEED. The project focuses on the stories of the knights and their chivalry.

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