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Sanrio Reveals Fourth Red Bouquet Fragaria Knight for Fragaria Memories

Sanrio has released a new visual and information about their fourth Fragaria Knight for their first humanoid project, Fragaria Memories. This new Fragaria Knight is part of the Red Bouquet section, making him the fourth Red Bouquet Knight released after Romarriche, who was just introduced yesterday. Fans can meet the new Fragaria Knight on the Fragaria Memories official X (formerly known as Twitter) account or on the Fragaria Memories official website.

Red Bouquet Fragaria Knight Rimicha

Rimicha is a passionate Fragaria Knight with tons of energy and hate for any labor. He serves Kirimi-chan as their knight. Rimicha is the knight’s beloved troublemaker who is quite assertive and laughs a lot but has low self-esteem. According to Kirimi-chan, they think of Rimicha as a kid who can do anything if he tries. He is very spoiled by other people, such as Romarriche, and has a habit of playing video games secretly. His illustrator is Kurome and he is voiced by Saku Hyuga.

Fragaria Memories is a new fantasy-type multi-media project announced on September 26. It is Sanrio‘s first humanoid project that focuses on the story of the Fragaria Knights and their chivalry. Fragaria Memories takes place in a fantasy world called Fragaria World, where fairies live alongside the Kingdom of Strawberries, Hello Kitty, and her friends. In response to Hello Kitty’s wish, the Fragaria Knights step up to protect their lords and kingdoms from an evil force called SEED. There will be 18 Fragaria Knights total from the Red, Blue, and Noir Bouquet. Alongside Rimicha, Fragaria Memories has also recently released the Knights of My Melody, Pom Pom Pudding, and Marron Cream: Merold, Puruth, and Romarriche. More information about the project and its knights will be released in the future.

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