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Seven Seas Licenses I Married My Female Friend Manga and More

Seven Seas Entertainment announced on Wednesday that it has acquired the license of the I Married My Female Friend, Dungeon Friends Forever, Breakfast with My Two-Tailed Cat, and Chi: On the Movements of the Earth. All of the manga series listed will be available in both print and digital copies.

I Married My Female Friend

Seven Seas will release the first volume of the manga I Married My Female Friend by Shio Usui in December 2023 for $14.99 (USD). Seven Seas describes the manga series as:
Kurumi and Ruriko made a deal: if they were both single in five years, they would marry each other. Five years later, neither woman is attached, so it’s time for a wedding! Marriage is full of firsts, especially for two friends, so they have a lot to learn about each other in their newly shared home. But will they continue this arrangement like two especially close roommates…or will a different kind of love bloom between them?

Dungeon Friends Forever

Volume 1 of Dungeon Friends Forever by Yasuhisa Kuma is set to release in October 2023 for $13.99 (USD). The synopsis of the series is as follows:
Van and Ryuka the dragon girl have been friends since childhood. As adults, Van has become a dashing adventurer, and Ryuka has become the boss of a dangerous dungeon! Now Van has to beat up a bunch of Ryuka’s monster underlings every time he wants to bring her food, plan a game night with her, or just hang out. Fantasies come alive in this delightful rom-com about two friends on the verge of love and the monsters who ship them!

Breakfast with My Two-Tailed Cat

Ai Shimizu’s Breakfast with My Two-Tailed Cat volume 1 is scheduled to release in December 2023 and is available for $13.99 (USD). The plot of the manga series is as follows:
When a widower tries to move on in the countryside after his wife dies, his solitary life is interrupted by a furry friend. His wife’s beloved pet cat has turned into a nekomata—a cat yokai. Now this friendly supernatural kitty is as tall as a human, has two tails, and can even talk! Together, they share a heartwarming slow life as they cook and eat tasty food surrounded by nature. Enjoy freshly baked bread, homemade jam, fluffy omelets, and seasonal vegetables with the members of this unusual and charming household!

Chi: On the Movements of the Earth

The first and second volumes of the manga Chi: On the Movements of the Earth by Uoto are slated to be released in November 2023 for $24.99 (USD). The plot of the manga according to Seven Seas:
In the fifteenth century, claiming that the Earth revolves around the sun was a heresy that could get believers burned at the stake. Child prodigy Rafal is introduced to the truth about the universe by his mentor, and then must flee when the Inquisition comes to mete out “God’s justice.” With only a peculiar pendant to guide him, will Rafal discover his master’s research, and can he and other believers set the world alight?

Source: Press Release
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