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Shadows House Episode 12 - Kate Steps Up

Shadows House episode 12 managed to keep us entertained once again, with a very suspenseful episode. There is only one episode left in this season, and we are on the edge of our seats.

If you’ve seen last week’s episode, you will know that Emilico was kidnapped by someone strongly resembling Edward. Kate looks for allies in Emilico’s friends and their masters, and then forms a pact to stop Edward.

In episode 12, Kate really steps up to find her Emilico. She comes up with a plan, with Shaun’s help, and tries to organize the rescue. However, in the middle of their meeting, they are interrupted by Barbara. Since Edward is now in charge of the children’s wing, he ordered Barbara and Barbie to investigate any suspicious activity, which is precisely what they do. But Ricky and Patrick manage to save the day and turn Barbara away. Louise also gets to show off her soot powers – which involve mind control.

Kate disguises herself as a veiled doll and wanders into Lord Grandfather’s wing. She tries controlling Rolly with her soot powers to find Emilico, but stumbles upon a room with a mysterious coffin. We don’t know what’s in it, but it seems to resonate with soot. Kate decides that Emilico is more important, so we didn’t get to see what was inside. One interesting thing is that the small soot spirit we saw at the end of the last episode is still following her, but we don’t know who it is.

Edward’s true goal

Meanwhile, Emilico is being interrogated by Edward. His soot power allows him to change his voice, so Emilico doesn’t know who has her. However, he is unable to get anything out of her, seeing as she uses her bubbliness against him. He wants to know what Kate is planning so that he can use the information to rise in rank. If he turns her over to Lord Grandfather, he will be in good graces.

Edward also knows that Kate is coming, so he sends his lackeys to look for her. However, Kate is much closer than they think and she successfully avoids them. She finds Edward’s room and Emilico in it. Just as she frees Emilico, Edward materializes behind her.

It will be interesting seeing how Kate’s fight turns out. She’s already changing how masters see their dolls. We saw Louise and Patrick break Lou and Ricky’s brainwashing, by showing that they care and love them. Edward is likely to try and get Kate into more trouble, but he can’t exactly admit that he kidnapped Emilico. Either way, the stage is set for the final episode – which will air on July 3rd, 2021.

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