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Shadows House Episode 8 – Edward’s Dark Secret

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Shadows House episode 8 wasn’t action-packed, but it surely brought a lot of new information and surprises. Dolls are getting close to solving the maze puzzle and Edward reveals a big secret.

The first half of the episode focuses on the dolls, who are trying to find their masters. In last week’s episode, only Shaun managed to find his master, everyone else is still looking. Lou and Patrick are still together, and Lou truly shines by showing off her talents and how well she works with her master. We get to see Patrick’s dark side, his jealousy and insecurities might be the end for Lou and Louise.

Shadows House episode 8 Rum

Emilico and Rum are still working together. Stuck in a maze, they encounter a group of scorches who try to stop them from progressing further. However, Emilico saves the day once again. We get to learn more about Rum, as well as the fact that her master barely speaks to her. Shirley is apparently very quiet and reserved, and Rum has no idea if she even wants to pass the exam. However, Emilico manages to encourage her and they split up. Kate finds herself in even more danger, but Emilico is very close now.

Edward’s Secret

On the other hand, we get to see more of Edward. He is talking to two new dolls, Jer and Allie, who appear to be his underlings. He explains why he wants to make this Debut entertaining – it is his goal to get to the third floor of the mansion. We don’t really know how the hierarchy in the mansion works, but it seems like the third floor would make one closer to the Lord Grandfather.

Shadows House episode 8 Edward Shadow

The end of the episode reveals a huge plot twist – Edward turns into a shadow. Does this mean that shadows and dolls eventually merge and become one? He seems to be doing it by controlling the soot. We never got to see his master, and he did say he was a special doll. All of this hints at a possibility of another plot twist in the test itself. He is preparing for the dolls’ return, and his subordinates clearly state that they are the only ones left from their Debut group.

Shadows House episode 8 marks the fourth episode since the Debut arc began and it’s still as captivating as it was at first. Studio Cloverworks is doing an amazing job with the animation and pacing. Even though the story is slow at times, it’s never boring and there’s always a surprise plot twist waiting. If you’re enjoying Shadows House make sure to vote for it on AC’s weekly poll.

You can watch new episodes of Shadows House every Saturday on Funimation.

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