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Shadows House Episode 9 - Dark Truth is Revealed

Shadows House episode 9 finally reveals the dark truth behind the Shadows mansion: “Faces will lose their sense of self in due time, becoming but faithful servants of their shadows”.

In last week’s episode, we saw Edward perform some sort of doll/shadow fusion, by controlling soot. This episode confirms it – the dolls eventually become shells for their masters. It seems like this is achieved through soot, as we see it covering Sophie, who is one of the observers in the mansion. In addition to her outside appearance, it seems like the soot that covers her also affects her personality. She goes from a calm, reserved shadow, to a loud, excited doll. This is probably due to the actual doll’s personality clashing with her master’s.

After the harrowing reveal, we get thrown back into the debut test. Lou and Louise are the first to make it back to the plaza, therefore passing the test. Shaun and John run into Patrick. They face a task that they must do together, but they have a hard time trusting each other. Edward finds this entertaining and actually tries to kill Patrick. However, John steps in and saves the day, allowing all 3 of them to carry on with the test.

Rum also finds her master. The ever-quiet Shirley isn’t in imminent danger, since she doesn’t produce soot. Rum manages to find her confidence and saves her. Even though this is good news for them, the observers in the mansion aren’t too pleased with this development, so they set their sights on Kate and Emilico.

Emilico and Kate reunited

Emilico has finally reached Kate, but Kate is in trouble. The cage holding her is about to fall because she is unable to control her soot production. She also didn’t try to unlock it with her powers, even though it seemed like she might in the previous episodes. While Emilico ponders how to save her, Edward’s true plan is revealed. He set them up to fail – by locking the cage and crane controls. The keys were available to take at the beginning of the Debut, but Emilico obviously didn’t know about their purpose. However, she doesn’t give up and decides to cut through thorns. Soon, Patrick and Ricky stumble upon them. While Kate is suspicious of them, Emilico doesn’t doubt Patrick. All this makes him help her, and she is able to cut through the thorns faster.

However, Kate is unable to control her soot, and the cage falls. Kate finds herself despairing, but Emilico doesn’t give up and manages to save her, thus thwarting Edward’s evil plans. The dolls in the mansion are disappointed with this, because they were looking forward to their deaths. But, it isn’t over yet, because the time has nearly run out…

What can we expect from the final arc?

Shadows House episode 9 sets the stage for the final arc of the season. There are only 4 episodes left and we will probably see another big reveal soon. Edward doesn’t seem like the type to go down without a fight. The dolls in the mansion also want entertainment, and it seems like they won’t be happy unless someone fails or even dies. After all, the test is there to weed out incompetent candidates. However, we still don’t know what exactly the dolls and masters do in the mansion. Their purpose, and what happens when they pass the test and ascend to higher floors is still a mystery.

You can watch Shadows House every Saturday on Funimation.

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