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Shanks Reveals His Goal in One Piece Episode 1081

ONE PIECE episode 1081 was released today and as we saw in the preview, it featured Shanks. Shanks is definitely one of the most favorite characters from the whole series even though he has made very few appearances. The last time we saw Shanks in the current One Piece timeline was in episode 887 during Reverie. He was also seen in Oden’s flashback in the episodes 966-969. In episode 1081, Shanks finally declares that it is time for the Red-Hair Pirates to go and acquire the One Piece. This could mean we might be moving towards the final phase of One Piece.

One Piece 1081 – Shanks

Other than Shanks, the episode also featured Admiral Greenbull going up against the retainers of Wano, Yamato, and Momonosuke. Greenbull showed off more of his Woods-Woods Fruit powers and how destructive they can be. The animation also did a great job of demonstrating his abilities!

As the fight continues on one side, the focus is shifted towards the sea surrounding Wano. Shanks and his crew, the Red-Hair Pirates, are seen talking about how far Luffy and his crew have come and that Luffy is now among the Emperors of the Sea. While they are discussing going to meet the Strawhats, Shanks reminisces about how they got the Gum-Gum fruit and lost his arm while protecting Luffy.

One Piece 1081 – Shanks and Luffy

We then shift towards the rest of the world and in a shocking revelation, we get to know that Sabo has assassinated the King of Alabasta, King Cobra. The Revolutionary Army also attacked the Holy Land and went against Admiral Ryokugyu and Fujitora. In the fight, they managed to free Kuma and escape. It is also revealed that Sabo has gained great influence among the Eight-Nation Revolution and they are worshipping him as a god, calling him the Flame Emperor.

One Piece 1081 – Sabo

In the final moments of the episode, Shanks tells the crew that they are not going to meet Luffy and declares that it’s time for them to go and acquire the One Piece. This episode has really turned the tide of One Piece towards a new direction and it will be a treat to see how things go from here!

One Piece 1081 – Shanks

ONE PIECE Episode 1082 & Chapter 1096 Release Date

Episode 1082 of the anime will be released on November 5, while the ONE PIECE manga will return from its break and release chapter 1096 later today. You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll, while you can catch up on the latest manga chapter on either the VIZ website or the MANGA Plus website. 

Netflix also released all 8 episodes of the ONE PIECE live-action on August 31, which you can also check out. Season 2 for the live-action series was confirmed as well.

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