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Sony Music Teases Upcoming VTuber Project ‘VERSEⁿ’

Music label Sony Music Japan has announced a teaser for its upcoming VTuber project ‘VERSEⁿ’. The company describes the endeavor as a cross-media initiative.

An official YouTube channel, which featured a teaser of a so-called ‘Episodeⁿ’ of the project, was also created. The teaser ends up with the date November 12, 2021.

Said PV is made by maxilla inc., who directed the opening videos for ‘Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia’ and ‘Darling in the Franxx’.

Meanwhile, the production team for this cross-media endeavor includes Yukiko Horiguchi. He worked as a character designer and chief animation supervisor for anime series such as ‘Lucky Star’ and ‘K-ON!

In addition, the ‘VERSEⁿ’ project will see product participation from manga artist Aka Akasaka. He is known as the creator behind the original manga series ‘Kaguya-sama: Love Is War‘.

More On The ‘VERSEⁿ’ Project

According to Sony Music, the project’s lore travels through a variety of stories that spans from the past to the future of the ‘VERSEⁿ’ world. 

Contents for the project include live streaming, animation, music, illustrations, novels, and manga.

The project’s synopsis goes as follows:

Rin was lost in her imagination, as usual.

Among the thousands of worlds that flashed across her eyes as daydreams, some were close to the real world we live in, while others were supernatural worlds that defied common sense. Rin lived in all of them, and in each world she had five girls who she could call her best friends.

One day, as if dragged down by something, each world slowly collapses, affecting each other, and eventually one world becomes another.

Eventually, one world collapsed. And the memories of the five girls come back to life in our world. The truth awaits beyond the missing memories that lead to Rin.

Source: PR TIMES / Banner: PR TIMES, VERSE
© Sony Music.

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