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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 36: New Troubles and Old Friends

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Last week’s Episode of Slime was a pretty great one, and Episode 36 this week continues the trend.

Last week, we saw Rimuru complete his ascension to Demon Lord, revive his friends, and become one of the most powerful beings in the world. Lots of great stuff happened in this week’s episode, so let’s dissect it. (Spoilers Below!)

Slime Episode 36: Rimuru reunited with Shion!

The Next Dilemma

As soon as Rimuru is awake, he gets his next story arc–I mean problem. Since he’s been asleep for three days, a few things have happened. While all of his friends have returned to life and been going about their days, they have also had to take in some refugees from the Beast Kingdom of Eurazania.

The Three Beastketeers (Albis, Suphia, and Phobio) inform Rimuru that their home has been destroyed. Ten days ago, the Catastrophe-class Demon Lord of Absurdity, Milim the Destroyer (talk about a title!) declared war on the kingdom of Demon Lord Carrion. Seven days later (so just as Rimuru was beginning his Harvest Festival), Milim attacked.

Now, we already knew Milim was acting strangely from a few episodes back. Based on the interactions she had with Carrion, it is entirely possible she is being controlled in some way by Demon Lord Clayman. This would not at all be surprising since we know he has the capability to control others because of his influence on Myulen.

However, it is also possible that Milim just did what she happened to feel like and go all-out against another Demon Lord. Using the full extent of her power for no reason other than ‘she wants to’ would definitely be within her character.

Regardless of the reason, Milim fights Demon Lord Carrion and demonstrates why she has all those dangerous sounding titles. Using a single ability, Drago Nova, she obliterates the entire Beast kingdom, even after Carrion goes Super-Saiyan and launches his most powerful attack at her.

Slime Episode 36: Carrion's Ultimate Skill

However, we discover she was not there alone. Another Demon Lord, Frey the Sky Queen, attacks Carrion from behind, ending the battle. After their victory, Demon Lord Milim and Frey went off to Demon Lord Clayman’s domain. This confirms they are at least working with Clayman, if not being controlled by him.

The Beastketeers explain all this to Rimuru basically right after he wakes up, so we can be certain it’s up to Rimuru to solve this problem in the next cour.

‘Slime’ Episode 36: Friends, New and Old

After this issue is dropped on him, Rimuru takes some alone time to reflect on things. At this moment, the Primordial Demon we talked about last week reappears. Much to Rimuru’s surprise, this demon is dead set on becoming his subordinate. The exact reason for the request isn’t even clear to the viewer.

Basically, it seems this demon just recognizes Rimuru’s power and potential as greater than his own. Thus, they make a deal, and Rimuru gives him the name Diablo. Diablo evolves after being named, just like the other named creatures before him. He becomes even more powerful and his appearance changes to resemble a slightly-more-emo Sebastian Michaelis.

Slime Episode 36: Diablo, Black and Red Butler

While this is happening, Rimuru gets some unexpected news. The analysis of the Unlimited Imprisonment, the skill that trapped Veldora the Storm Dragon, is near completion. With the analysis soon complete, it will be possible to free Veldora from his prison. Then, Rimuru can fulfill the promise he made to the first person he met in this world.

In a symbolic gesture, Rimuru returns to the cave where he first met (and swallowed) Veldora. There, he creates a body double of himself and gives it over to Veldora to control. Veldora’s soul inhabits the body, and he does this crazy Sailor-Moon-type transformation, turning the lithe body of Rimuru into a muscled form more fitting for one of the four True Dragons.

Slime Episode 36: Veldora the Storm Dragon, Freed!

Slime Episode 36 has been one crazy eventful episode. This gives more than enough to look forward to. Fortunately, the series will be getting the second cour of this season this July 2021. We cannot wait for more.

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