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The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 11: A Date With Jeanne

Episode 11 of The Case Study of Vanitas is now out (on Funimation)! It begins with Vanitas receiving a mysterious letter, as Noe sleeps in his usual awkward pose. He goes to the spot from the letter, and is greeted by none other than Jeanne. She seems embarrassed, but also determined to fulfill her goal. We learn that it’s an idea she got from Dominique, and it’s to try confessing to Vanitas to make him lose interest. Not surprisingly, it backfires, and it leads to an episode filled with best girl, as Vanitas and Jeanne go on a date.

It’s just like the usual adorable moments we occasionally get between Vanitas and Jeanne, only it’s an actual date and so it lasts longer and is even more wholesome. They enjoy a tour of Paris, with Jeanne showing her love for food and compliments. Vanitas obviously messed around from the start, but it seems like he really cares for her, and it will be interesting to see how their relationship develops. Dominique and Dante following them in the background was also precious!

While the majority of the episode focused on the wholesome side with the Vanitas x Jeanne date, it wasn’t all cheerful. Lord Ruthven had a talk with Noe, which seemed to be going fine all the way until the end. However, I’m curious as to why he ‘failed’ Noe when he said he doesn’t care about someone being human or vampire. We saw him bite into Noe, and we can only guess what will happen next. The other more serious topic was Jeanne’s lust for blood, and it seems like Ruthven was involved with that as well. There’s certainly a lot of mystery around him, but at the moment he seems to be more a foe than friend.

Next up

With the way the date finished, Vanitas and Jeanne have at least strengthened their bond (with him promising to kill her in the worst case scenario). Episode 12 will be the final one for Part 1, and its title is “Point of Departure”. Premieres on Funimation on October 17, 2021.

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