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The Case Study of Vanitas Releases Special Recap Episode

The steampunk-vampire-themed anime The Case Study of Vanitas released a special episode to recap the events of the first 12 episodes of the season. This special episode (otherwise known as Episode 12.5) is titled “ En route pour le Gévaudan.” Other than a recap, the episode also provides a sneak-peek into five minutes of the upcoming episode. It is available to watch on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Bilibili in select regions. Furthermore, The Case Study of Vanitas Part Two premieres this Saturday on January 15, 24:00 JST. 

See a preview tweet of the special The Case Study of Vanitas recap episode below: 

A Recap Summary of The Case Study of Vanitas So Far

This tale exists in the 19th century, an era where the world is run on steam power and where vampires exist amongst humans. There is a legend that a vampire of the blue moon created a book to curse all vampires…

On an airship to Paris, the vampire Noé Archiviste meets Vanitas, a human doctor who cures corrupted vampires using a clockwork grimoire called “The Book of Vanitas.” Noé wishes to discover more about the book so he joins Vanitas’ quest to cure all curse-bearing vampires. They eventually come to battle Luca and Jeanne, the Hellfire Witch, who Vanitas kisses and declares his love to. Their quest also brings them to the vampire city, Atlus. Noé ‘s childhood friend, Dominique de Sade, brings them to a masquerade ball which is attacked by the enemy, Charlatan, causing curse-bearers to go rampant. They also meet Lord Ruven who later kicks them out of the city after Vanitas assumes the Queen is dead.

Continuing his quest to cure curse bearers, Vanitas enters the catacombs with Noé and faces the Chasseurs, an anti-vampire unit. After a turn of events, they join forces to capture the mad scientist, Moreau, who is also working with the Charlatan. It also revealed that Moreau experimented on Vanitas when he was younger. Later, Jeanne comes to Paris to invite Vanitas on a date in an attempt to get rid of him. It backfires, however, when she finds herself enjoying their date. Meanwhile, Noé is visited by Lord Ruthven and is forced to obey a future command. Afterward, Vanitas receives information that a possible curse bearer — the Beast of Gévaudan — is back so they all travel to the town to investigate. 

In addition to the release of a special recap episode, numerous teasers, and the main trailer, a special program was also streamed last December 31. The 48-minute special program also summarized the first cour with more details. It also has a special segment at the end featuring the voice actors Rie Kugimiya and Daiki Hamano who plays Chloe and Jean-Jacques, respectively. Watch the Le chemin parcouru depuis la rencontre special program below: 

Source: The Case Study of Vanitas Official Website, Official Twitter
©Jun Mochizuki/SQUARE ENIX, “Vanitas no Carte” Production Committee

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