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Titans Wear Pants in Malaysia

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Attack on Titan is one of the most popular and best manga series out there. Anyone who saw a trailer, screenshot, or anything from the series, knows that Titans in the series appear naked. To our surprise, Malaysia thought it’s not okay to have naked Titans in the manga so they decided to censor it. All brutal scenes were there, but Titans started wearing pants. One fan from Malaysia took photos of panels from Attack on Titan manga showing “dressed titans”. Yes, you heard that right, Titans wear pants in Malaysia.

Disclaimer, panels below may contain spoilers so refrain from reading if you haven’t caught up with the series yet!

Titans wear pants in Malaysia according to the manga panel above

Why do we hear about it in 2021? Cause the fan who took these photos forgot about them, and since his interest in the series grown he ended up sharing the photo. Flamingthunderbanana posted the photo on Reddit with the comment “I want everyone to know that titans wear tight pants in the Malaysian version due to local censorship law.”

Below you can see how Annie and other Titans looked like:

Annie vs Eren in Malaysian version of the Manga

Source: Reddit
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