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To Your Eternity Episode 16 — The Unwanted Visitor

“To Your Eternity” episode 16 is out! We finally get to see a glimpse of Tonari’s backstory. In addition, Jananda is helping Fushi become more mature. It’s true that experiencing and overcoming difficult situations is what makes a person grow. Everyone has their reasons to live and fight for another day. The episode is titled, “The Children’s Dreams .” 

Honestly, I found the campfire scene very heartwarming and emotional. (This anime strikes our heartstrings again!) I was doubtful about Tonari and her friends but after the fight with the Knocker, they’re not so bad after all. Plus, I absolutely loved how this simple hangout among friends was a moment of happiness, security, and hopefulness.

In the end, it’s funny how Fushi wanted to feed them good food but knocked them out instead. It’s honestly nice to see Fushi with new companions again but we still can’t deny the death flag possibilities.

A Child in a Cruel Place

“To Your Eternity” episode 16 continues on as we we finally have a glimpse into Tonari’s backstory. For a moment, I forgot how manipulative she was and realized that she was just a 14-year-old kid. Her story only reinforces my dislike and hatred for Jananda Island.

Apparently, Tonari was in denial of her father’s killings and tried to save (or throw) what little fondness she had for him. She writes her stories in her book and dreams that one day she can become a writer. I suppose she has a good heart, but she’s just had to grow hardened to survive in such a cruel place. In the end, this lost girl brings Fushi to Jananda in hopes of changing her fate. I’m starting to understand why Tonari is the way she is but honestly, I still have trouble accepting her as Fushi’s “friend.” We also discover that it was the “crazy woman” who gave the tip.

Fighting for Family

When Fushi reunites with Pioran, that has to be my favorite moment in “To Your Eternity” episode 16. I was so emotional when they hugged, and it really feels like a family’s love. If Fushi wins, they can escape the island proudly. Pioran cries from feeling so happy and proud. However, the turning point of the arc is coming next…

Fushi’s Wrath

The highlight of the episode is definitely Fushi’s final battle in the arena. The final competitor is the crazy woman — Hayase from Yanome! UGH! I absolutely despise this woman. Plus, I hate her even more when she reveals “how” she kills Parona. I don’t like the fact that the scene is awfully brutal. If you’re like me, I had to flip so many imaginary tables in my mind. Unacceptable!

For the first time, Fushi unleashes his intense killing intent! This shocks Tonari but hands down, this is the best fight scene so far! The suspense, action, and that fluid animation! My only complaint is that it was too short and that Hayase is still the better fighter. It’s not fair that Fushi loses because of the poison.

Suddenly, I am feeling a lot of mixed emotions but it’s mostly hatred and panic. I had literal chills seeing Fushi transform from one vessel to another and I also can’t deny that Hayase’s moves were annoyingly cool. This crazy woman’s appearance in the arena is an instant dream-crusher. I’m so mad at her for killing March, now Parona! Plus, she’s the entire reason that Fushi and Pioran are here. This development is so frustrating.

What is Hayase’s plan in all of this? Can Fushi, Pioran, and the kids still escape? What will become of Jananda Island? I don’t need sleep. I need answers! Table flip!

To Your Eternity Episode 17 Release Date

“To Your Eternity” episode 17 is titled The Defeated” and will air on Monday, August 9 at 10:50 PM (JST). It will be available to watch on Crunchyroll in select regions. In addition, it is also available to watch for free on Ani-One Asia YouTube Channel.

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To Your Eternity” is an anime adaptation of the manga series written by Yoshitoki Ōima. It follows the story of a mysterious orb sent to Earth. It has no identity nor emotions, but through time it learns to take different forms. One day, it acquires the form of a boy and gains consciousness. The boy, Fushi, sets off to travel in search of new experiences, places, and people. “The journey begins.”

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