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Details About the World's End Harem Anime Adaptation

The first official key visual for the upcoming fall series, World’s End Harem, was released on Friday during the 2021 Crunchyroll Expo.

You can also view the key visual below:

What’s more, “World’s End Harem” will air in October and will be streaming exclusively on Crunchyroll.

The ecchi sci-fi series’ manga has currently sold over 5 million copies and will look to bring in more fans with an anime adaptation. Also, a teaser trailer from August sets the stage for a series that could be a hit in the fall 2021 lineup.

World’s End Harem Synopsis

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, young researcher Reito Mizuhara is to be put into cryosleep until a cure can be found. Short on time, Reito decides to confess his pent-up feelings to his childhood crush Erisa Tachibana. As Reito goes to sleep and his consciousness begins to fade, Erisa barges into the room and declares that she will wait for him.

Five years later, Reito wakes up to a post-apocalyptic world where 99.9% of the world’s male population had been eradicated by the “Man-Killer Virus” four years prior. He is one of a handful of men who have become immune to this virus due to sclerosis treatment. Reito and the other four men are now invaluable assets to humankind and are expected to impregnate as many women as possible. Reito, however, is determined to find Erisa and refuses to make love with any other woman. With temptations lurking around every corner, can he hold on to the woman of his dreams?

Release Date and Cast

We know that the World’s End Harem will premiere in October 2021. However, there is no current news on the exact date.

Taichi Ichikawa will voice the main character Reito Mizuhara. Many recognize Ichikawa for his work as Bam in the hit series Tower of God. Meanwhile, Haruka Shiraishi. will voice the main female protagonist, Mira Suo. Shiraishi is currently the voice of Sally in the summer anime series Peach Boy Riverside. She was also the voice of Kaie from the hit spring series 86-Eighty Six.

Reito Mizuhara, World’s End Harem
Mira Suo, World’s End Harem

Source: Official Website

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