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Tokino Sora, Hololive’s First VTuber, Reaches 1 Million Subscribers

Tokino Sora, Hololive’s first VTuber, has officially reached the 1 million subscriber milestone. She is the latest VTuber from the agency to reach this milestone, following Hololive Indonesia’s Kobo Kanaeru and Hololive Japan’s Ookami Mio.

Sora hit the 1 million subscriber milestone on June 28. She is the eleventh VTuber from the Japanese branch of Hololive to reach the milestone, joining other talents such as Noel Shirogane, Fubuki Shirakami, Lamy Yukihana, and Natsuiro Matsuri.

In her latest stream, she reflected on her five years of work as a VTuber, stating that it has been a slow and difficult journey. Nevertheless, she expressed her gratitude to her fans for being with her all the time, and also thanked them for always checking in on her streams.

A special stream by Tokino Sora of Hololive, celebrating 1 million subscribers

She debuted on September 7. 2017 and her debut was Cover Corp’s first use of their real-time avatar motion capture technology which was showcased first by the company’s current CEO Motoaki “Yagoo” Tanigo in March 2017.

Sora first streamed on NicoNico, the Japanese equivalent of video platform, before migrating to YouTube on her formal debut date. Being Hololive’s pioneer VTuber, she has one of the most released singles and albums among the talents. These albums include Dreaming! (March 2019), My Loving (March 2020), On Stage! (October 2020), Re:Play (November 2021), and her recent album Sign (July 2022). 

She has also collaborated with several of her fellow Hololive talents on tracks such as “Kurenai Kuronikuru” featuring AZKi, and “Kirameki Rider” as part of the Hololive Idol Project, one of Hololive’s official music ensembles. In addition to her music career, she is also active in various media engagements: she hosts her own radio show called Sora Ao to!, and also frequently appears on a VTuber TV variety show called Watanuki-san Chi no. A light novel centered around her was serialized in April 2019, and was written by Ryunosuke Uzuki.

Hololive consists of 72 talents, composed of three branches: Japanese, Indonesian, and English. Recently, they launched its first-ever English male talent lineup, known as TEMPUS. In addition, as part of their Hololive Meet initiative, several Hololive talents will attend the upcoming Crunchyroll Expo from August 5 to 7 this year.

Source: Tokino Sora YouTube Channel, PRTimes
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