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Tokyo Revengers Episode 10: No Backing Down

Tokyo Revengers is getting heated, and episode 10 gave Takemichi some more character development! With Draken stabbed, he got lost again, and it seemed like he failed his mission. Yelling at Mikey didn’t help as Hanma was giving him a hard time. Although Mikey wanted to run there, he had to fight, so he left Draken to Takemitchi. He did carry him, although Hinata and Emma called an ambulance and he could rest after a short while. Unfortunately, it looked like Kiyomasa was tipped, and he appeared to finish the job. As our MC had thoughts about running away, Draken woke up and told him to run away. This triggered Takemichi, and he remembered why he lost everything in the original timeline when he ran away. This time was going to be different.

Draken and the girls placed multi million bets on him, which pissed off the big guy even more. Takemichi ran at Kiyomasa, and instantly got stabbed in his hand. This wasn’t going to be a fair fight, which decreased his already slim chances even further. However, using desperate tactics, he bit him and somehow managed to get a hold on his neck. Choking him for quite some time, he managed to knock Kiyomasa down, although it left him with both his arms injured. Now they were left against the rest, and both Takemichi and Draken were about to crash.

Enter Akkun and the gang, who managed to come on time after Hinata’s call. They stood in front of the two, although only to get beaten down hard. Inspired by Takemichi when he first spoke out, they were not about to back down themselves. They managed to hold on until an ambulance sounded, which is when Takemichi declared they won. There’s still time for something to go wrong, but let’s hope Draken survives now!

You can watch Tokyo Revengers episode 10 on Crunchyroll, and the next one will come out on June 19. Also vote for it as the best on our weekly poll if you enjoyed it!

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