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Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song Episode 12 - All up to Vivy

Episode 12 of Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song released this Saturday, and everything is set for the finale next week! It started off with Vivy speaking to Archive, learning of the plan to destroy humanity so that AI can take their place as the new race. Archive also suggested something to Vivy, which left her shocked, but it wasn’t revealed to us at that time. She snapped out of it and they discussed to plan to infiltrate the Arayashiki server and take Archive down. Osamu noticed that something was bothering Vivy, but the plan went into motion. When Vivy and Elizabeth got there, there was less security than expected, and it turned out to be a trap. Elizabeth got in touch with her Leader, and learned that the AI went after them. After she encouraged Elizabeth to move forward, the leader met a cold end.

In another cool action sequence, we saw the 2 AI, along with Matsumoto, fight a bunch of crazy AI. Elizabeth sacrificed herself and now only Vivy and Matsumoto were left. As Vivy tried to sing, nothing came out, while the other AI sang her song. The timer went out and we saw the satellites crash down on Earth. Then we learned that Vivy had the chance to stop the whole thing by singing a special program. Archive gave her the chance due to her ability to write the song on her own. However, she hesitated and now it was too late. Then Matsumoto asked her to remember the last 100 years, and there was still hope.

Osamu could send her back in time again, although only to the point when the AI already went berserk. What’s more, she was to head immediately to Toak, which meant the professor’s death. That’s exactly what they did, and the episode ended with Vivy showing up to protect Yui and Osamu getting shot. Now she is determined to protect humanity, and it will all end in the next episode titled “Fluorite Eye’s Song” on June 19! You can watch it on Funimation, and also vote for Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song episode 12 as the best on our weekly poll!

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