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Tokyo Revengers Episode 7: Internal Conflicts Begin in Toman

Tokyo Revengers episode 7 came out this Saturday, and the plot keeps getting more interesting! We picked up where Moebius and Osanai came up to the few Toman guys, and it escalated. Takemichi tried to stop the fight, but ended up getting beaten by Osanai. Pah intervened and it seemed like it was his fight to win, but that quickly proved wrong. Although Takemichi tried to tell Mikey to help him, he didn’t want to do it because Pah hadn’t given up yet. However, the moment he was about to fall, Mikey was there to catch him and comfort him, saying he didn’t lose. After 2 of his friends got beaten hard, Mikey showed how badass he really is.

Claiming he’d beat Mikey in 10 seconds, Osanai got knocked out before he could even finish the sentence. Then the Toman leader said none of them will ever lose as long as he has their back. Then Osanai got back up with a broken bottle and went for Mikey, but Draken got in front of him. It seemed dangerous, but he easily dodged it and subdued the Moebius leader, proclaiming their gang was now under Toman. Then the police arrived and they had to run, but Pah stabbed Osanai and complicated the whole situation for them. He did say that he’d turn himself in, but Mikey wanted him to run. Draken carried him away, and they ran, but Takemichi fainted shortly after.

Waking up to another awkward scene with Emma, he learned that Draken and Mikey are in a fight. There’s 2 factions in Toman, and he remembered what future Osanai told him. After yet another awkward scene when Hinata entered, we got a 3-day time-skip where he did nothing but a 2500 piece puzzle. His friends come over and chat a bit, and then Draken also arrives with a watermelon. It seems fine until a Mikey namedrop. Then Draken smashes Takemichi’s puzzle and gets angry, saying Toman is finished. As they leave the house, Mikey’s there, and they start a fight there. A ton of Takemichi’s precious belongings get destroyed, and he finally snaps at the end and yells at them. It will be interesting to see what happens from there.

You can watch Episode 7 of Tokyo Revengers on Crunchyroll. You can also vote for it on our weekly poll, where it ranked 7th last week.

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