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Toru Furuya Officially Steps Down from Roles as Sabo in One Piece and Toru in Detective Conan

Toru Furuya has officially stepped down from his roles as Sabo in ONE PIECE and Toru Amuro in Detective Conan. The announcement comes following his apology for having an affair with a fan, after which he deactivated his X account.

Toru Furuya said that he stepped down from the roles of Sabo and Toru after careful consideration, and he apologizes again for his actions. The translation of his full comment can be found below.
I know my selfish behaviors have caused trouble and worry to many of you. Regarding my future appearances in Detective Conan and ONE PIECE, which I have deeply hurt the image of both the works and the characters due to this matter. After careful consideration and with a heavy heart, I have decided to step down from my roles as Toru Amuro and Sabo as the only form of atonement that I can offer at this time. Allow me to have once again a chance to extend my apologies to everyone significantly troubled. I sincerely apologize for the matter.

His agency, Aoni Production, has confirmed that they proposed the resignation request to the voice actor. A request which he accepted. Their full statement:
We extend our sincere appreciation to your continued support. We have had a series of discussions with our voice actor, Toru Furuya, regarding the scandals involving him. Allow us to announce: at the conclusion of our discussions, we proposed a resignation request to him from his roles in Detective Conan as Toru Amuro and ONE PIECE as Sabo, whose image he has directly and significantly damaged, and he has decided to accept our request. We would like to extend our deepest apologies once again to everyone involved in the productions and to the many fans who support them.

Toru Furuya is a veteran Japanese voice actor known for several roles besides Sabo and Toru Amuro. Some other roles include Amuro Ray of the Gundam franchise, Seiya in Saint Seiya (1986), Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon (1992). He was married to fellow veteran voice actress Mami Koyama (Big Mom in ONE PIECE) until their divorce in 1983. He then married former Aoni talent and retired voice actress Satomi Majima in 1985.

Source: Oricon, thanks Bushido Samurai for the translation help
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ONE PIECE © Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Toei Animation
Detective Conan © Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan · YTV · TMS 1996

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