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Tower of God Webtoon to Return in Summer 2021

The official Twitter for Naver’s WEBTOON has posted a new update for Tower of God, saying it will return this Summer 2021. The series written and drawn by SIU has been on hiatus for a while due to his physical condition. The Summer typically refers to the period from July to September, though there aren’t any specifics at the moment. The announcement came with a special illustration for Tower of God:

The webtoon went into an indefinite hiatus with the release of its 485th chapter in June 2020. The author had previously announced that he had no intention of resuming the work soon, however, in October he revealed that he had plans to resume it in mid-September, which was then delayed to November. Then a month later, he announced that the hiatus would extend for 6 more months. That’s the period that is now ending, and we can hope Tower of God will return in Summer 2021. (Within the next few months)

The franchise is one of the biggest webtoons. It also got an anime adaptation which ran from April to June 2020. It had 13 episodes, and covered the first arc of the story up to a certain event. Let’s hope SIU is feeling better now and he can break the hiatus and return Tower of God in 2021!

Source: Official Twitter
© SIU/WEBTOON Entertainment Inc.

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