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Watch Roger Face Shiki in One Piece Film Strong World: Episode 0, Now on YouTube

ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD: Episode 0 is now available to watch on YouTube, showing us the confrontation between the King of the Pirates Gol D. Roger and Gold Lion Shiki, as well as the younger versions of several now legendary characters. The episode will be available for a limited time, from today for three months until January 14. The OVA episode covers chapter 0, and it was originally released in Japan in 2010. It’s unknown whether there will be English subtitles for now, but you can already watch it on the official YouTube channel below:

ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD: Episode 0 – Available to Watch on YouTube

What is One Piece Film Strong World: Episode 0 about?

The episode begins 3 years before the Golden Age of Piracy began after Roger’s execution. The OVA focuses on the period when Gold Lion Shiki was active as Roger’s rival, and that of course means a younger Garp and Sengoku as well. Shiki wants Roger to join his plan, which the future King of the Pirates refuses and so their crews confront each other. The aftermath of the fight is also shown, as well as the beginnings of some characters that are central in the future, such as Shanks and his own Red-Haired Pirates crew. We also see a young Robin, Yasopp, Bellemere, Moria, Mihawk, Crocus, Rayleigh, and many more characters.

ONE PIECE Episode 1079 & Chapter 1095 Release Date

Episode 1079 of the anime will release on October 15, while the ONE PIECE manga will release chapter 1095 on the same day. You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll, while you can catch up to the latest manga chapter for free on either the VIZ website or the MANGA Plus website. 

Netflix also released all 8 episodes of the ONE PIECE live-action on August 31, which you can also check out. Season 2 for the live-action series was confirmed as well.

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