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Zombieland Saga Revenge Episode 1: Franchouchou is Back!

Zombieland Saga Revenge episode 1 released last Thursday, and it’s the start of the 2nd season for the show. It starts Ai singing an epic company song as we see the rest of Franchouchou also doing part-time jobs. They are apparently in debt, and our favorite Kotaro is nowhere to be seen. Not until we see him coping at a bar, drunk and way different. Since he set up a huge gig due to the tight deadline for the project, it bombed and that was the cause of the debt. He gave up and started drinking, and Sakura is determined to get him back. Kotaro finally acted like himself at the end of Zombieland Saga Revenge episode 1, and it just doesn’t feel the same without his energy.

The girls couldn’t handle the makeup on their own, but they were leading somewhat normal lives. Determined to make a comeback, they wanted to pay back the debt and perform again, but Kotaro was crucial. Sakura was most determined, and gave him a heartfelt speech, but it seemed hopeless. So she gave up in the end and they decided to hold their 1-year anniversary show without him. Besides their two most loyal fans, the crowd didn’t like their opening as they got nervous and remembered the failure. They were almost booed off the stage, when Kotaro appeared.

He had barely made it after a barkeeper managed to push him into action. The project seems more serious than we thought, and this man knows about it. He called Franchouchou by the wrong name on purpose, and pushed our boy into action. When he made it, he started yelling “Encore” and caused a fight, yelling at the girls to sing. The two loyal fans also joined in, and the girls finally broke their slump and nailed the performance.

Zombieland Saga Revenge episode 1 is available on Crunchyroll. The synopsis goes:

From throughout the ages, a group of legendary girls have become zombie idols to save Saga Prefecture. It’s the return of the cutting-edge zombie idol anime! One day, Minamoto Sakura lost her life in an unfortunate accident. Then, ten years later… After Sakura wakes up in a strange mansion, mysterious idol producer Tatsumi Kotaro tells her that she will be joining a group of legendary girls to form an idol unit. The seven girls are charged with a quest to save the fading Saga Prefecture and adopt the group name Franchouchou. After overcoming the difficulties stemming from their different ages and different periods of history, their undead zombie bodies allow them to defy expectations of what idols can be. During the final winter of the Heisei era they performed their first featured concert at Karatsu’s Furusato Exhibition Hall, Arpino, taking another step towards becoming a legend. Now, in the modern Reiwa Era… The curtain rises on a new chapter in the story of Franchouchou, as they march towards a bright future full of hope.

You can vote for Zombieland Saga and Franchouchou on our weekly poll, and episode 2 will come on April 15. Its title will be “The SAGA of an Almost-Broken Radio”. Also read more anime & manga stories!

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