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86 EIGHTY-SIX Rises to Rank 1st in Week 5 of Fall 2021 After an Amazing Episode

It took 5 weeks, but 86 EIGHTY-SIX has finally claimed the top on Anime Corner’s Fall 2021 ranking by placing 1st after potentially its best episode yet! Titled “Even So” episode 16 of the anime brought Shin closer to Kiriya Nouzen’s mentality, which also gave us some creepy/cool smiles from the Reaper. We also saw Lena again, and she took command as Bloody Regina near the end. Not to forget that after-credits scene… You can see the top 10 shows of week 5 below:

Fall 2021 Ranking – Week 5

The anime was included since the start, and it began week 1 at 4th place. Then it rose to 3rd in week 2, and kept the rank in week 3. In week 4, however, saw a drop to 6th place, while Ranking of Kings rose to 3rd. It was the episode that set up the huge legion attack, and Shin tried to warn them. Then everyone realized that he was right, and we saw them struggle to defend against it.

We also saw Frederica‘s power again, and 86 EIGHTY-SIX might be looking to keep the 1st place ranking or at least claim it again sometime during Fall 2021 with the next few episodes. Looking forward to Shin and Lena meeting as well…

Also worth noting is the 2nd cour’s opening theme song by Amazarashi. It was first uploaded a little over a month ago, and it currently has over 2.2 million views on YouTube.

Source: Anime Corner Ranking
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