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A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 7 - The Girl the Series Favors the Most

A lot of stuff happened in Episode 7 of A Couple of Cuckoos. We had Hiro confessing to Nagi (in a way), another male character Shion was introduced, and he is quite likable (must be Yoshitsugu Matsuoka’s voice acting), and Erika stealing Hiro’s spotlight (again). In the previous episodes, I kept mentioning Hiro’s highlight gets taken away by Erika and in this episode, it’s even more and more obvious who the favorite is. Even though Hiro got a chance to tell Nagi how she really feels, Nagi, of course, became more determined than ever to beat Hiro so she can accept his confession and change her fate. Until the next day arrived.

Missed Opportunities?

The series hasn’t exactly shown us yet that Erika and Nagi have feelings for each other. Meanwhile, it’s quite clear that Hiro and Nagi like each other. However, the series keeps entangling us in situations wherein it’s developing the relationship of the former pairing. For instance, in this episode, Erika devised a plan so that Nagi finally had the chance to get some alone time with Hiro for an entire day, but instead what did he do? He was eyeing both Erika and Shion the whole time with the excuse of not wanting them both to be in trouble. It’s a kinda justifiable excuse if you ask me because Erika is a bit careless and Shion is somewhat reckless. Maybe Nagi is just protective over Erika or maybe he’s jealous that his classmate gets to enjoy the trip with his fiance. Who knows right? But I’m leaning more on the latter excuse.

What is certain though is that he didn’t take the chance to spend the day with the girl he likes, let alone doing the hobby that they enjoy together which is collecting seals. He was focused on Erika up to the point that I feel bad for Hiro. This was a missed opportunity for her to get closer to Nagi, but it wasn’t totally her fault because the narrative right now appears to be the development of Nagi and Erika’s affections for one other.

Will Erika win Nagi’s Heart?

It’s still too early to tell because who knows what twists and turns will occur. Maybe Nagi gets to outrank Hiro in class then they get together or maybe a 4th girl will enter the harem. We also haven’t heard from Sachi in a while, and who knows if she has any plan about her step-brother. After all, the series is still at its 7th episode but judging by how the episodes went so far, it’s clear that it favors Erika the most. If they do end up in the end, then I hope it will be an enjoyable ride once we get there.

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