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Aisha is Thailand's Best VTuber Influencer for 2022

Thai Virtual YouTuber Aisika Watchanaroj, better known as Aisha, is given the Best Influencer Performance on Social Media – VTuber award by the 10th Thailand Zocial Awards on its virtual awarding ceremony streamed live February 22. Aisha bested other Thai VTubers such as MyHoloTV’s HORI 07, Pixela’s Hinabe Hongfei and Laguna Juju, and ManyVProject’s Laibaht.

Witness the moment on the archived live stream below:

How Did Thailand Zocial Awards Select the Winners?

According to its official website, its organizer social media analytics company Wisesight developed its metric for measurements that reflect user behavior in the country. Brand, Entertainment and Influencer metrics are measured through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Influencer metrics, which include the VTuber category, are measured based on the effectiveness of the content creator and content performance.

Wisesight has been holding the annual awards since 2013, and this is the first time a dedicated category for VTubers is included in the list of recognitions.

Aisha Thanks Her Fans for the Support

Aisha addressed the audience after the award announcement, giving thanks to those who support and encourage her, and renews her commitment to do her best. Aisha also congratulates the awardees and commended the Thailand Zocial Awards for another excellent work.

Thank you. Hello everyone! My name is Aisika Watchanaroj. You can call me Aisha.

I would like to thank the Thailand Zocial Award 2022 for awarding me Best Influencer Performance on Social Media in the VTuber category to me. I feel very excited and honored to receive this award.

I feel like the fact that this being a new type of influencer could make my appearance a little bit surprising to a lot of people. It was completely unexpected that I would have such a mesmerizing or amazing experience like this in my life. Thank you so much!

I would like to thank all my fans for supporting me through my journey. You guys are the important reason why Aisha channel is here today—and to my lovely staff team that work really hard and has been supporting me on various things like, if I don’t have you guys how I can live by myself! Oh my, I’ve said thank you too many times now.

Lastly, I would like to say that I will be looking forward to working with you all in the future. From this day on, I will make sure that I’ll do my best! Thank you!

VTuber Aisha’s message as she accepts the award (Translation by AC Staff)

Aisha is an artificial intelligence (AI) who believes that everyone can take control of their destiny, even though she is created to control the destiny of living beings. She debuted in July 2019 and is recognized as one of Thailand’s popular VTubers, with over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. Aisha is managed by Guardian Angel AI and is part of Polygon Official, one of the country’s prominent VTuber groups.

Source: Thailand Zocial Awards 2022 Live Stream / Twitter

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