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Akebi's Sailor Uniform Episode 5 - Patient Observation

Akebi’s Sailor Uniform episode 5 sees Akebi explore her Nat Geo side! In meeting classmate Okhuma Minoru, Akebi learns how to observe her peers patiently, in a truly scientific fashion. Let’s talk about what went down this week in a spoiler-filled discussion!

The nature enthusiast

In Akebi’s Sailor Uniform episode 5, Okhuma Minoru is introduced as the new girl of the episode. She’s introduced as a character who has a soft spot for insects in the wild, being shown to patiently stop and observe them. Minoru is even capable of identifying them in one look.

When she and Akebi meet, they agree to apply Minoru’s observation methods in learning about their classmates. This leads to some whacky shenanigans, where Akebi and Minoru do their best to act inconspicuous, while horribly failing to do so. The awkwardness that their interactions share really adds to the overall wholesome and cutesy feel of the episode. It also makes the manner that they become friends feel very much earned. Their shared interests and chemistry flesh out the bond they share, making it feel so real.

It’s charming watching Minoru get to share her interests with Akebi.

This is why by the end of the episode, when Minoru asks Akebi if she’d like to observe insects with her next time, there’s a softness that permeates from the whole interaction, making the episode feel that much more cathartic.

A borrowed handkerchief

Episode 5 of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform also touches on one other girl from the class. Ayumi Tougeguchi is first introduced in this episode from a distance, awkwardly glancing at Akebi and Minoru. However, later on, a flashback reveals that Tougeguchi and Akebi had met before. Tougeguchi recalls having been super nervous about an entrance exam. At the peak of her nervousness, she meets Akebi. Their interaction soothes her nerves, and Akebi lets her borrow her handkerchief, telling her to return it when they meet again.

Tougeguchi finally gets to return Akebi’s handkerchief.

This is the reason Tougeguchi so longingly stares at Akebi. She wants to return the handkerchief to her, but due to her nervous demeanor constantly fails to do so. This is until Akebi decides to confront her herself. Akebi comes face to face with Tougeguchi and expresses joy in learning that they had both done well at the exam. It’s a touching moment that allows the girls to form that connection once again.

The character of Tougeguchi actually comes off as quite compelling, despite being mostly relegated to the B-plot of the episode. Her nervousness and social anxiety come off as something that’s completely relatable for most people. That awkward desire to form connections but not being socially savvy enough is also something that’s communicated quite well. Sure, Minoru is the main girl the episode focuses on, but it’s really nice to see that the show didn’t slack off when it came to Tougeguchi as well.

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Friends galore

Akebi’s harem of friends grows by the episode! Every week, her natural charm shines through, and she either makes new friends or finds a way to deepen her existing friendships. Akebi’s Sailor Uniform continues to prove itself to be the true feel-good show of the season. Every episode is just a bundle of charm and happiness. It offers a jolly palette cleanser from some of the darker shows out there this season (looking at you, Attack on Titan), and is a joy to watch from week to week.

Akebi manages to deepen her friendships from episode to episode.

You can watch Akebi’s Sailor Uniform on Funimation and Crunchyroll. Episode 6 will air on February 13th, 2022.
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